Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Your Ticket Here

We have been having fun watching different ball games and shows during the week end. Me and hubby was been planning for another escapade. Sometimes we need to check some affordable and reliable tickets from a professional ticket broker. They have the most updated and recent list of events across the globe. One that I know and might you know is the cheap seat ticket outlet. If you want to get GREAT WESTERN FORUM TICKETS then start browsing your ticket now at cheap seat and save up some bucks.

The main goal when we want to purchase a ticket is the kind of shows, games and events that we are going to watch and the affordability. Cheap seat also provide HOLLYWOOD BOWL TICKETS that is the home of music performances, Lambeau Field Tickets and many more. Lambeau field is the home stadium of NFL's Green Bay Packers. If Corse Field is the home stadium of the Colorado Rockies then lambeu has its own too.

I am so excited when week-end comes. Unlike before I am contented to watch my show on my television. But right now the goal change I want to watch it live in myy own naked eyes. Isn't that interesting and fun?

Scrub Uniforms For My Infant Teacher

Some stores like walmart is selling scrubs uniforms. They are pretty much comfy too according to my friend but it is so daunting to find the perfect size, color and design that we want to wear. Sometimes we are just force to buy because we really need it but we don't really like the designs. I talked to my friend today whose working as an infant teacher that she need more scrub uniforms. She need it at the job because the scrubs uniforms because the one that they have in the school is not really her size.

I told her that I know an online store that sells customize scrubs. They will customize it according to your size preference, color and design. The good thing of blue sky scrubs is because they are specializing womens scrubs and thats pretty amazing. I told her to check the site too so that she could actually view and browse their special feature design.

Blue sky scrubs are just so perfect to any of you whose working as a nurse, doctor, and beyond. It gives comfy feeling that lead this people function well while they are working. Sometimes if we are not comfortable of what we are wearing, we can not work properly. We become so anxious and restless. I guess she will place her order tomorrow and I cant wait to see what she picks for her customize scrubs uniforms.

My Rockies Team

This game is my most favorite to watch in our sports television. I have been wishing to watch this game and meet the players. Back home me and my nephew was been a long time fan of this game and last thing that I know... I was watching them live in my naked eyes and not just in tv. The scoring of this game is very tricky. It is very hard to get a home run and get a score because everyone the opponent side is watching you closely. They said to be a certified Colorado resident is to actually watch this game. And geese aside from my residency from homeland security..watching this game Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles dodgers completed my residency... Go go go Rockies!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rick Sanchez-Someone who Actually Cares about our National Conversation

                                  Written by my friend Teodoro Martin

A news program should be more than about giving information. The news reporters themselves must be full of personality and passionate about the news. That's why love to watch “Rick's List” hosted by Rick Sanchez on CNN every day. His introduction statement says it all: “This is your national conversation”. He cares very much what is on the mind of viewers, and loves to receive our emails and tweets.

Rich Sanchez is never one sided in his views. When there's a major political issue, he presents both sides equally. For example when discussing the controversial immigration law in Arizona, he-though being Hispanic, fairly presented the facts and allowed people who represented both sides of the issue to discuss their point of view openly on his show. In the end, he always leaves it up to us to decide for ourselves what side we choose to be one. He is truly one of the most respected news anchors in television.

Another segment of Ricks List I enjoy is “The Most Intriguing Person”. That segment presents someone in entertainment or politics that does or says something very contoversial. My favorite segment on Ricks List is “Foto Del Dia” which presents a picture or video of someone doing something crazy or extreme. I'm smarter because of Rick Sanchez. That's the show I love to watch on the satellite TV I got with TVByDirect.

Rockies Game Tonight

We are heading to Ludo's Barn and Grill Restaurant for dinner tonight. Hubby is still at work and am trying to get ready. Not forget to mention that afterwards the dinner we will watch Rockies too. Its quarter to 4 and hubby needs to get home. It will takes 32 minutes and 20.50 miles to get there. The Rockies game will start at 6:10 pm so we need to be time conscious. This will be my first time watching Rockies game and some people at the job are coming to watch too.

I have 5 tickets for myself, hubby, my friends 2.5 yrs old daughter and her hubby. I have no other outlet for fun aside from writing and cooking and perhaps watching ball games like Rockies will do some change. I am very anxious to finally be there in their huge stadium. Most of the time I only come to see some photos when I read some articles about Rockies game...Very exciting indeed...Here I come Rockies!

Myrtle Beach Amenities

The summer breeze is winding down and most of us haven't take some off for vacations yet. With four seasons here in the states such as summer, spring, winter and fall, summer is the perfect time to go and wonder at the beach. One of the most anticipating and captivating resort today can be check http://www.myrtlebeachseasideresorts.com/ with their unbeatable surprises. Their amenities is extra explicit. They provide the most comprehensive views on what they could offer to everyone. If you're looking for a tee time party then don't go farther but check also their golf packages Myrtle Beach with a very reasonable price. For more detailed information on how to book your reservations visit www.myrtlebeachseasideresorts.com  and every single of fun opportunities will be given to you. I hope I share something informative today and Hope you will find it interesting and helpful. Consider myrtle beach and you will unlimited fun and accommodations. The soothing breeze of this resort is very refreshing and relaxing. Let's give our selves a chance to feel the remarkable experience that we don't feel everyday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stemware Rack

A new friend at the job showed me her house today and wow it was stunning with variety of glass stem wares. From his cabinet, table, and even up to her ceiling's... she got the style with this high quality stemware rack and glass rocks. Their house is very organized and being boosted with all of those wine glass rack and glass racks on her kitchen made her house catching and appealing. Some people don't have wines at home but guys they have wide variety of glass ware products and accessories. We can now customize our cabinet in the kitchen using wooden slat stemware racks and many more. One kitchen accessories that I would love to have is the opener and cork screws and wine stoppers and pourers. They are just so cute. Good thing on this company is that they provide high quality in a very affordable price. They virtually exercise the market of demands and value. Their products are manufactured with quality materials. So see it for yourself if your planning to collect and get some glass stem wares.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Miss Universe Question and Answer Portion

Another successful battle of talents, beauty and brain that was held in Vegas "the Miss Universe 2010". One of the most endearing contender is no other than the 4th placer Venus Raj. Her biographic background is very inspirational. I watched some of her interviews and I must attest shes full of wisdom. The question that was asked to her might not be the perfect quizzed to her. Sometimes when we struggled from poverty... that kind of question is hard to elaborate. Most of them tried to answer it simple. Anyhow the question "what was the one big mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right? might appeal simple to all of us but for some reasons others find it random because of the things that they have been experience over the past. However I congratulate all the contestant of gotten that far specially to my very own co-Filipino Venus Raj. Good Job girl! am so proud of you! All I can say it at least she was ab led to answered it on her understanding and without acquiring an interpreter.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Keeping local music alive


                                 Guest post written by Simon Griffin

I always used to hang out at a record shop growing up, back when we actually sold vinyl records. Now I own one in a small college town that has somehow braved all the closing of large and small, independent record stores.

Both I and the store have been very fortunate and we rely a lot upon the actual store’s brand, which is widely known in the area for supporting local artists and hosting lots of in-store concerts by artists that are playing local venues on the same day.

Like any good record store, we play newly released music for customers to hear in the store. Lately I’ve been turning it up a bit louder to hear it well, which has drawn some complaints from employees and a few customers. I noticed that I was also having trouble hearing customers when I was helping them track down a release or pay for their purchase.

So I looked up miracle ear locations and went and bought some hearing aids. I think my customer service has improved a bit and my employees are complaining just a bit less.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Best Resort For You To Find Out

Myrtle Beach Resort provides complete relaxation and fun! They have variety of resort that we can pick and one of them is horizon resort that accordingly lies conveniently in the heart of myrtle beach. I always heard a huge buzz about this resort and people defined it as breathtaking paradise that everyone must experience. The cozy ocean view beach that is very lenient to our budget. I visited their website today at http://www.horizonmyrtlebeach.com and each visit I found newly updates that every one could avail. One of my home girl just brought her 5 year old girl here in the states and before she will go to preschool, she let her experience the tranquil feeling of this resort.

She told me that they found a perfect Myrtle Beach hotel with queen size bed with extra accommodations. Her little girl experience to listen the voice of the seagulls as they soar across the shoreline waves every morning. Everything is new for her and its a good memories for her to remember while connecting more quality time with her mom. I read several reviews and they considered as Myrtle Beach best hotels in the world today. They are spacious, neat, quite atmosphere, and very convenient that favors to anyone that has physical challenges. I can't wait to bring my family here and experience the excitement.

My Doctors Appointment Tomorrow

My allergies get terrible each day. So I asked my job to get a day off tomorrow. But since they needed me during lunch, I decided to go back to work after my check ups. Going to a Dr.'s appointment will help us to discuss our health issue and different medical concerns. I know that its merely an allergy but it bothers me big time.

Some tips that I learn on what to prepare for our Dr.s appointment.

  • Make a list of your medical concerns specially on your health issues.

  • Take your information with you...this means you need to carry your medications and show it to your doctor. This way your doctor will understand more about your situation.

  • Make it sure your senses are working well such as your hearing senses and your vision.

  • It is very advantage to bring someone like a friend or a family with you.

  • Observe your medical updates...from your last, recent and present visits.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dedicated Server That Protects Our Server

Today in my big surprise my friends was complaining that I sent some unknown website. They were asking what was that all about. I know all my sent messages and I am all aware that I did not send any messages like that. In line with this, protecting our own server is essential. When our server are thoroughly protected then our activities are safely covered too from our emails and online activities. Superb.net provide the most comprehensive dedicated server that protects our online activities. They have this operating system that protects all our transactions. Acquiring their service will give us convenient time to get focus on our business. Their job is to manage your server to be free from any unpleasant occurrence. Superb is our managed hosting partner that will ensure every details of our transaction safe and secured. They will monitor your server, create backups and update patches.They also have this colocation system that will provide complete security and speedy network connection. Their world-class data centers will exclusively guard your servers live and that no theft nor vandalism can penetrate.

Tips To Take care of our skin

What is the largest part of our body? The largest part of our body is our skin. It requires intensive care and proper nurture. Most of the time pimples and other black heads only grew on my face during my period. I can't explain why but when some unpleasant pimples pop-up somewhere on my face or to anywhere in my skin that tells me that my period is coming close. I have some simple tips on how to maintain a radiant and clean skin:

  • Take a bath everyday...Some people only take care of their face. This is very wrong. Our whole body requires enough water for hydration so washing our whole body with fresh and clean water is very essential.
  • Drink water regularly...it helps our skin hydrated and free from dryness.
  • If your skin used to have lotion and other make up, be sure that this substance don't have no nonecomedogenic and nonacnegenic...this means that this substance don't clog pores.
  • Most of us use some hair gel or spray.Folks most of this hair products contains oil. When you spray keep your self away from it.
  • Find the most effective products that your skin will like.
  • Avoid too much exposure from the sun...
  • Use sunscreen to prevent from sun burn.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hansen Ceiling Fans

Products quality is essential when it comes to buying some valuable products in our house. Some are very cheap because the quality is cheap too but guess what I just bought a ceiling fan for my friends birthday and with my surprise the quality is high and the price is very low. Hansen whole is virtually dedicated to provide standard quality ceiling fans that will match in any different locations in our house. Unlike other ceiling fan wholesaler hansen is more adjustable to fit for your taste designs. Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans provide the most greenest ceiling fans in the world today, in other words they are eco friendly. They are tax free and the shipping is free too. For more information about ceiling fans do not go farther places and waste your money and time. Ceiling fans from hansen are partnered with energy star and it is one of the environmental choice today. Sometimes we bought the product because we go along with the brand but folks we need to consider also if it is energy effecient too. One of the brand that I like is the Emerson midway eco that save up more energy compare to other ceiling fans. This brand meet the EPA standard that we should be aware of. If you want to feel green and fresh then pick hansen Ceiling fan ...  the only ceiling fan on earth that suffice every ones needs. If your aiming to consume less energy then use hansen ceiling that is energy efficient and durable.

Tips When Heading to a Roadtrip

There are a lot of things to prepare when we are heading to a road trip. A week before the trip, everything must be checked and prepared. And the first thing that needs to be thoroughly check must be the car. Without a good car condition it is very imposible to reach to you destination safely. Set an appointment to a reliable car mechanics to check it completely. Next is emergency equipment such as first aide, navigator incase when you get lost, other electronic devices and many more. Clothes and other important stuff are necessary too but be mind that you don't need to carry big bags... wrapped them properly to fit everything that you need. If you are planning to stay in the hotel always call them ahead to pay less. Important factors to save room for you bags is roll your clothes and pack it tightly, never put any important valuables to your suitcase but to your purse only. Each of us has several tips to achieved enjoyable trip and you can add more by leaving some comments!

Multiple Sclerosis

Oftentimes we consult our doctor for more information about our health. But mind you that cost some money even though we have some insurance. I am very health conscious lately, I realized that am not getting younger so with my husband. I am very open minded to learn more about different aspects of disease and do some research on how to avoid those unpleasant ones. One of the most interested illness that I discovered today is about Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms. Accordingly this disease has no absolute diagnosis but they have some possible theories that will assist to understand what is all about. I have no clue about this illness until I read somewhere on the article that our nervous system and the immune system plays a vital role in our body that when its affected it can cause imbalance that lead to sclerosis disease. Some symptoms of this illness includes depression, sexual dysfunction, fatigue and many more. An individual who is diagnose with Multiple Sclerosis need to undergo Multiple Sclerosis Exercise for at least a 10km run. A patient of sclerosis has a weak interaction. Their quality of life is exhausting and low. Running is one effective therapy that can augment the system to be in good shape again. For more information visit their website and learn more. Sometimes we don't need to rely everything from our physician. With all the resources today we can acquire essential information that can help us to prevent the disease.

Genuine Friends

True friendship are hard to find it requires enough time to know them more. It requires enough experience to dig their geniality. It requires significant experience how true they are to care for us no matter what. Trust are being earned not given freely. Constant bonding has advantage and disadvantage. Too much confidence of letting them know about our secrets or any details in our life oftentimes brings them to use it as their weapon to fight for us. I do believe that no man is an island...we need someone to interact with us in a healthy manner. People are having a hard time to find a real friend. But guess what friends can be found in our family. Most of the time they are the safest friends that we can depend on... in other words they are the most reliable one. As I said trust are being earned not given freely because it's hard to be comfortable right away and its too late to regret. I am glad I found some genuine friends in my life...I considered them as precious metals that worth keeping for. They are like gold and diamonds that the more we keep them the higher value they will get. I told myself I can survive without allies but once I have a friend I am steadfast for them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tile Designs

Our next project that we have been preparing for is to move into a house from our condo. We have been visiting for an open house invitation and some of them needs some renovation specially the tile part of the house. I am very particular when it comes to my comfort zone. I want my home to be comfortable enough and of course the interiors must be fabulous. I have been visiting a lot of sites to get more information and tiles designs. But the most vital company that provide comprehensive selection of tiles can be found at glass tiles store online. From your bathroom tiles to your subway tiles or even down to your swimming pool tiles are being comprehensively introduced.

They are amazingly stunning and sumptuous but of course when it comes to their quality they are durable. Their tile products are impenetrable that means water can not breached your tiles condition. It will remains shiny, classy, durable and lasting. For more significant information about your tiles searches just visit this company and ask more information. I am glad that I learn more important facts about choosing the right tiles. Unlike from the other durable tiles, this one are not expensive...the quality is high but the price is affordable for an average person like me. I can't wait to have my own new house and renovate it with my new chosen tiles.

Kidney Infection

I was worried and terrified when I talked to my mom that she has kidney infection that almost close to get dialysis. Dialysis is the artificial process of getting of waste from our kidneys the what so called diffusion. Pyelonephritis is a form of a kidney infection that is commonly caused by a traveled bacteria to the kidney from the bladder infection. I had no clue what it is aside the typical belief that too much salt can cause kidney infection. My mom's doctor acclaimed that mama need to stop taking pain reliever because it destroys her kidney. Before its too late she need to stop specially that she is older. She undergone an executive check up from her sugar level, blood, cholesterol and many more. The doctor said that she will have another check up soon and mama will have another check up appointment the next week after. God is watching over my moms health.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Favorite TV Snack


                                   Written by my friend Melvin Strong

My favorite TV snack has to be Popcorn. Anytime I come home from a long day at work and I turn on my DirectTV I always make sure that I have popcorn in my house. Popcorn to me is a comfort food. It goes hand in hand with Television and Movies. It doesn't hurt that I work at a Supermarket so I always pick up a box or two before I leave work. It's hard to forget it when you work in the store where it's sold. My favorite kind is either the plain one or light butter. This way when I get home I can add my own seasonings. Anyway, once I get home, I pop it in the microwave.

Two minutes and thirty seconds later while it's still hot, I throw some garlic powder on top and sit down to my favorite movie or tv show. Let's not forget a can of my favorite diet soda too. The garlic powder is spicy and if I don't drink the soda every so often my tongue feels burnt for the rest of the night.If my husband is home from work he'll usually sit down together with me. If that's the case then after a few minutes I usually have to get up again and make another bag of popcorn as he loves it more than me.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lockers For Sale

Our school will be opening another branch next month and everyone is very excited. Since some of my co teachers are moving to the other school they will need to have a new locker again. The owner is figuring out where can she avail a reasonable price. I am aware about morelockers company so I introduced it to them. Morelockers provide comprehensive listing and largest collections and selection of lockers on the market today. Lockers are necessary to keep our mail and other important documents safe and secured.

They have different options to pick such as regular design for your School Lockers or vented lockers for your Gym Lockers. They have the most lowest price but in high class quality. They are durable, affordable that came from an establish company. I want a Wood Locker in my house to keep my documents and valuable property in pristine shape. If your looking for Lockers for sale then visit morelockers. Don't go further wasting your time and money. Avail their $10 off your referrals first order of the amount of $100 or more. Get your safety lockers now and avail the amazing promotions.

Allergy Shots

It's been few days now that my nose and throat are itchy due to another form of allergies. Its very annoying and I am disappointed. I have been taking some allergy medications but it don't healed completely. I talked to my cousin and she told me to get some allergy shot. What is allergy shot? This shot contains substance that called allergen that fights other allergen. Having immune to allergen helps us to fight other allergens. Our body's immune system will makes antibodies to the allergen. This anti bodies will pave way the bad effects of the allergens. Most common allergens are from mold and pollen from the flowers or grass. Small amount from the mold or pollen will be added to the allergy shots. Hmmm I need a day off...I can't deal with this disturbing allergies of mine anymore.