Monday, August 2, 2010

Allergy Shots

It's been few days now that my nose and throat are itchy due to another form of allergies. Its very annoying and I am disappointed. I have been taking some allergy medications but it don't healed completely. I talked to my cousin and she told me to get some allergy shot. What is allergy shot? This shot contains substance that called allergen that fights other allergen. Having immune to allergen helps us to fight other allergens. Our body's immune system will makes antibodies to the allergen. This anti bodies will pave way the bad effects of the allergens. Most common allergens are from mold and pollen from the flowers or grass. Small amount from the mold or pollen will be added to the allergy shots. Hmmm I need a day off...I can't deal with this disturbing allergies of mine anymore.

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