Monday, December 27, 2010

My New Toy Last Christmas

This are my new toys for Christmas. I had a new cell phone last year but since I did not like it I switched my new phone to hubby's phone. His phone was been 6 years since the time he bought it and that means that phone is pretty much old and not updated. I had fun with it until last month. I can't received all my messages and I barely received calls either. I can afford to buy new gadgets but It don't became my thing to go with the trend. Until this Christmas hubby "my santa" bought me a new two electronics that interest me and give me more fun. I have my own computer but hubby bought me a handy one a nice phone. I have fun! Thank you santa your such a good provider!

Family Traditions During Winter's First Snow

                               Guest post from: Winston Stewart

My family and I are really excited for the first snow of the winter this year. We had a few snow flurries the other day, but nothing stuck to the ground or piled up at all. However, they're predicting that we should get a big storm system in early next week that will hopefully bring several inches of snow. I'm hoping that we'll get enough for the kids to get a snow day!

Once the first snow arrives, we'll go outside and play in it for a couple hours until everyone is too cold to stay out any longer. We'll build a snowman, have a snowball fight, and probably even make some snow angels. I love to take pictures of the kids playing outside to put in our family album -- we have an entire section of them playing in the snow at different ages.

After we finish playing outside, everyone will come in and change into warm, comfy clothes. Then, we'll make hot chocolate and bake our first batch of Christmas cookies. The kids love to be in charge of decorations and sprinkles, while I take care of the batter. After we're finished baking, we'll sit down to watch some of our favorite Christmas specials on Satalite TV while we enjoy our treats. There's nothing better than a cozy blanket and family Christmas traditions.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Debt Approach

If there's a way to get ourselves in debt, then there's also a way to get out from it. We do credits to improve our credit status but sometimes, we overlook to watch ourselves of getting credits and we hooked ourselves to debts already. We can get help in different ways and one of them is to acquire debt counselling.

United debts counselling is one of the company today that ease our issues in debts. They will help us to manage our debts and find the solution. Because of the economy downfall every one is frustrated and are drowning with debts. United debts counselling has a very effective approach to resolve our problem and of them is to have a Debt Settlement. This is being proven that solves debt problems. This was been considered as the most suitable method to solve huge debts. They also do Debt Negotiation and Debt Relief program to any kind of debt cases.

If you are facing a possibility of bankruptcy then this is the perfect solution for u. You don't need to suffer another 7 years of bankruptcy but debt United debt is willing to negotiate and settle your debt problem.

Sinus Infection Again

Supposed to get ready to go to church today but am not feeling well. My cough is bothering me a lot and it is very bad. I was diagnosed twice with sinus infection and I guess its the same thing again. My mom has ashma but I wonder maybe the doctor missed diagnose it.

We had the same symptoms and I think she don't have ashma but a sinus infection. There are several type of sinus infection and one of them are ethmoid sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis, frontal, sphenoid and more  . I guess mine is not severe but I need to get antibiotics again to ease the discomfort.

My husband made a dr. appointment for next week. I need to have another check up and get medications. I don't want this illness stop me for going to church or getting my errands get done. The bad thing of mine is i keep coughing and its very embarrassing especially when I am with some people.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The best cleaning company in Austin Texas

Me and hubby own a cleaning business and we will be in our forth training tommorrow. We franchise it from a very top rated cleaning business here in Colorado and international. As an owner I want to learn more aside from our company training. We clean commercial establishments such as their bathroom, carpet, floor, windows, tiles and more.

I do believe that learning from different established businesses can help us to be more knowledgeable. I come across the steam team company that specialize carpet cleaning, air ducting, tile cleaning and more.

I am amaze of their service and they are the number one choice of carpet cleaning in Austin Texas. They started their company way back 1983 and they have been successfully achieved the customer appreciation of the very good performance.

This is the kind of company that I want to mentor and follow. Their achievements to provide good service is very essential to posses to reach the goal. If you are planning to build your own business in cleaning then try to read about steam cleaner review austin and let's learn from it.

If you live near Austin Texas then carpet and rug cleaning austin or carpet cleaning solutions austin is the best for you. Sometimes we experience more severe damage of the property so fire and water damage austin will help you to restore your property. Check it out!

Thanks Secret Santa

I received two presents today. From my secret Santa and from another friend at the job. The gifts that they gave me are inexpensive and simple but I like it a lot because they gave it from the bottom of their heart.

They said they gave me gifts because I have been a gift for them. I feel very lucky to be considered as a gift from their lives. This Christmas I am wishing that everyone will find happiness in any special way. I was also impressed with a 15 year old boy who told her aunt that his aunt don't need to buy her stuff because all he wish this Christmas is to have a good health.

That simply shows that material stuff is not his thing but more on the most important values in life.

This Christmas hope everyone will see the true essence of the the birth of Jesus Christ. We all know that this is not the exact time of his birth but we are celebrating it to show our compassion and gratitude...

To my two co-worker I thank you from the bottom of my heart....Merry Christmas! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Loyalese In Facebook

Do you have facebook account? There's a new way to get revenue and its in facebook. I was skeptical to hear about until I finally read about the article. They called as social loyalese system in which they are giving some kind of cash backs to people who registered and be part of the loyalese in facebook.

Some of our mommy's today are full-time staying mom that dedicate their time to take care of their children. And most of them love to shop. It would be very interesting to earn cash backs right and one way is to register to loyalese in facebook.

Its like 95% of the population today is facebook users. They are hooked to this social Internet interactions and that is including myself. Now aside from having fun of playing farmtown and farmville, being a member of the loyalese will give us much benefit and that is to avail some revenue.

Check it out now and be one of us just simply goes to Loyalese's Facebook fan page and register yourself. Store's that I often visited are Macy's, Barns and Nobles, Target and of course Walmart. When it comes to value and simplicity this stores that I mentioned had this exquisite characters.

Questions like why do we need to register? Its time to be recognize to our favorite stores today. By customizing your status such as sharing and displaying it to your profile will give you a lot of benefits. Check it now and I promise you will like it.

Party With Co-worker

I had a blast tonight with my co-worker. We had a party and it was just so fun. The dinner and desert was great and every one just had a grand time socializing each other. The two schools was combined and we met the other branch.

This lady is Ms. Stacey one of my friend at work and she was just engaged. Shes one of the nicest person at the job that I can count to. I am pretty tired tonight because before I went to our school party, I also had a facial party with some interesting new friends.

I wish to say much more tonight but my bed is calling me to lay down now. Have a good night to everyone and God bless Us All....

Use Local Search

We went to our school party today and it was in downtown. We were tried to find it using our gps but since we are not familiar to the place my co-worker asked me if I knew some kind of way to locate the club house venue. We had our net book with us so I told her to try and search in local online. Local online is a virtual search engine that will help us to search a certain place. It is like a hybrid of local yellowpages and other potential search engine today.

We successfully find the place without getting lost and my friend was like, I did a good job. Downtown is a huge city and it is not easy to drive there specially at night. So as a suggestions, I highly recommend local for your any of your local search in the future escapade. Any local restaurants and other establishments will be easy to find using loca.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Discover the Business Directory

Looking for a great chance to your business venture? When it comes to our business we can not afford to be limited. Limited to profit and can't generate more is not a good sign. With all of this stuff paving our way to be more successful, there's a way that we could get more business resources through ezgoo company.

If your a Wholesalers that aim to sell Wholesale Products a virtual resource is here. I am very surprise that there's a certain way like this to get our business get going. Sometimes due to economic down fall, retails and others businesses today become very unlucky. As a business individual we need to find a great resources to back us up. We need to find a very trusted Wholesale Suppliers that can suffice in our business needs.

I invite you guys to read about ezgoo and you will find the most reliable business directory in the market today. Discover the new way of getting your business profitable...Check it out!

Be Good

People comes to touch our life in a different way. Some of them gives us lessons to ponder and sometimes we become a blessing to them . Recently I met some people that change my life in a very different perspective. Something that gives me more peace and follow the righteous path more.

I am no expert about righteousness but all I can say is following the commandments of God is the best key of all. Some are too judgemental but we can change it. Pride, jealousy, wrong verdict must be change. Every one needs a second chance, and we have no right to judge to anyone and to anything.

I love my life everyday as I take different obstacles and struggles. Every success and every failure is a blessing. I viewed things in a wider perspectives, in a wider horizon. Life is precious and is a miracle every time we breath....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gold For the Future

We have a lot of worries how to manage our finances more. How we generate our money to be more stable in the future, especially when we have some kids. There's a lot of ways, like getting involve to some business but one that the market highly introduced is getting indulge with Gold investments.

To people who haven't heard about Gold Bullion, this kind of gold can be found in some of our jewelries but more on some of the gold coins today. Bullion is a kind of gold that is being highly considered in mass rather than value. And if you want to learn more about it, regal gold coins has their professional specialist to assist us and give us more detailed information.

Most of us are very concerns of our retirement future. We don't want to get old and receive nothing from our hard work. But wait, there's a new way of putting our retirement plans more profitable and that is to invest it through what they called Gold IRA investments. Sound very interesting to me and that is something that I want to do. If you are worried of your financial status then stop worrying now, Buy Gold and set up your future for the most better place. Good Luck!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Diet Plans

Part of the diet is to consider what is healthy to our body. We should consider what is healthy and what is not. When we exceed to our certain weight, we panic and get frustrated to find which diet system is effective. We commonly ask which diet is the best and get confuse which one to pick.

Today there are several diet system that claims as the best. We can find them through the form of diet pills to take. If you want to find the best diet pills then lets learn more and understand whats the best healthy way to cut pounds. There are a lot of weight loss diet pills but we need to consider if they are legit and not just a scam.

There's a certain diet plan to be followed, if we want to achieved a very dramatic result then lets get more focus on following the right way. Check it out my friends...I know that finding the right one is a daunting task to do but reading and following the most healthy way is the best effective too. Cutting pounds will not be realize in a day but with the help of  100 diets ways we can achieve our goals.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Faith-that matters

There are different church that claims they are the true religion and that they know everything based on the bible. But I realized lately that religion or the church that you go to every Sunday can not save your soul but your faith itself. It's the way you practice your faith, how you live righteously in the name of your Savior. Each church has their own beliefs, understanding and gospel.

Therefore they have their own covenant and rules. But again each church has no right to contradict each other and debate about the bible. I have high respect to all churches and their teachings are different in their special way.

When we teach Hanukkah as part of the theme in school I really came to a conclusion that people in every tribes, religion, cultures, race etc. has different ways of receiving their blessings. Hanukkah is the Jewish 8 days and night holiday celebration.

 From first day has certain special dedication. They have this menorah with 8 candles that is lit each night. Of all of this peoples celebration I realize that people are special. They have certain beliefs that others don't have.

Back home fiesta is very common in which they dedicate this feast to a certain patron. My family believe that we are blessed and that we always cook and share our blessings to others during fiesta. My family go to church, cook a lot of food, and invite anyone to eat. With all this different cultures, religions, beliefs and other traditional celebration, we people are definitely unique...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nursing Scrubs For Christmas

Most of cousins are in the medical field. They make six figures and they have most of everything. Its hard to buy something for someone who has everything already but I wonder if they will appreciate me of buying them nice nursing crubs. To a buy  nursing scrubs is an easy task for me. I could find the most quality fabric and buy medical uniforms  in a very reasonable price.

Most of the time we though that it when the price is cheap the quality is cheap also. Not no more because cheap nursing uniform from blue sky crubs are just so phenomenal. I am impress on their fabric materials and the dedication to provide good products to our medical people. Now I am so glad not to worry what to give for them. I guess this is just so perfect as a present this Christmas.

A Lame Saturday

I feel sick and am not comfortable at all today. It started today's ago and I thought it was a stiff neck but I guess its not because I can still move my neck in any directions. Its an excruciating pain and It hurts me from the back of my head all the way to my back.

I am taking some pain reliever and rub it with some vics vapo rub but still, I mean its getting ok but not so better. I have lots of errands today, I need to do a lot of laundry, cleaning and even ironing. Geese every side in my house need some organization. But I wonder if I can do all of that right now.

I wanted to visit my friend and go to the store to get more ornaments for my Christmas tree but I will see later. Have a good Saturday to everyone....