Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Asbestos Advocate

  • The invasive growth of cancer is crucial to resolve, it requires careful medical attention. Some people made to survive and unfortunaly some can not. One kind of cancer illness is called Mesothelioma Disease. This kind of cancer is from too much exposure from asbestos.

  • How many company are still using this deadly substance? Some people are unaware of this loathesome effects and they need to know it before their life will be gone to waste. One inspiring story of mesothelioma survivor is from a survivor named Mr. Paul Kraus from Australia.

  • He was diagnosed of having mesothelioma cancer ang given some months to survive. Luckily he never given up and use his resources to conquer mesothelioma cancer on his system. To know more about his story, he has a book that is available to everyone. Some guidance and other alternative treatments are being shared to that needs some information.

  •  Some company right now is still using asbestos and this is being prohibited. If you think you are being exposed to this kind of substance, you need to start discussing your case now.

  •  Mesothelioma Lawyer or Mesothelioma Attorney are here for us to any of our legal recourse to represent us in an asbestos lawsuit. This is very essential that everyone must know of.

Lesson Plan

What is a lesson plan? When we talk about lesson planning it associates to teachers. This a very detailed description of a certain course being written as a lesson of instructions. Every school has its on way to deliver and prepare their lesson plans. Based on my experienced preparing a lesson plan is harder than delivering your actual lessons. You need to set the three most effective objectives and the most effective motivation that will relate to your subject matter, prepare your materials, figuring out the assignments, procedure of your lessons and more. I will be learning a new kind of lesson planning tomorrow and am so anxious to learn this new exciting preschool lesson planning.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hohm's Energy Saving Program

  • I thought we are already saving enough energy since we sign up with this budget bill, until I found another way of having an efficient way of conserving our energy more. We lived in Aurora and I learned that we can save up to $330 per year if we decide to sign of Hohms personalized report. Energy saving is very essential not only to our natural resources but also to our finances.

  • The company called microsoft hohm is a web service, virtually design to help us understand on how to conserve energy use and save up a lot of money in a year. We need to start cutting our mounting bills now and lets begin to save. Our home appliances increases our energy cost but with the help of hohm personalized energy saving tips, we could save and learn knowledge how to stabilize our energy bills.

  • They have this library energy saving recommendations that is very helpful and effective.  They also have this programmable thermostat that could save us up to $55 a year and $109 a year for this compact flourescents and LED. Holms will equip us to save money and energy at the same time. We will come to understand that we don't need to waste money and energy anymore.

  •  Right now the latest innovation that hohms has, is this water heater support, lighting calculator, improve charting for our evaluation, and a new energy breakdown analysis. I just find it so helpful to any home energy in the neighborhood. Me and hubby was been having a budget bill but I am more convince to try hohms program soon.

Time Off

I need a time off today but I can't afford to see my house with such a mess. So i cleaned the house, done some laundry and thawed the meat that I need for our dinner tonight. I was supposed to attend for a tea and cookie party but I am not feeling very well. Its pollen season and am having such a hard time coping with my allergies. Its very annoying cough without phlegm, geese its disturbing me at work. But anyhow I just wish il be getting better soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apartment Grade

I was in my lunch break today when I heard some of my co workings talking about apartments ratings and I was surprised with the astounded price that they are paying. The other girl is most content with the place she is staying at right now but the other one is looking for a reasonable place so that she could move from her expensive apartment. I know about apartment grade that deals with unbiased reviews for renters. They are helping renters to find the most affordable but reliable place to stay. So I recommended it to her and she might consider and look at it tonight. If you are paying a lot and tired of it try to check apartment grade and start searching for the right place for you.

Snow Storm

Yesterday it was a huge snow storm and its pretty but inconvenience to the many. Most schools and stores closes today because of the uncleared road. Accordingly the snow exceeded for at least 3 inches per hour. Its pretty cold outside but I still go to work since I live close to my work. When hubby came home last night he told me to open the garage for him. We don't usually put the car in the garage but last night we ought to put it in the garage. Its too much of snow and he find it hard to get off of it. I don't hate snow but its just that it brings a lot of inconvenience when its too much. It also makes me sick lol. I guess its global warming again...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


  • Savings are one of the most line that people would love to avail when they went shopping. Its good when we avail some discounts and savings when we purchase to something. This week end me and my friend will go shopping and I luckily found savings.com that provide Coupons and Discount Codes to every one who want to save some money.

  • From computer, electronic, movies jewelries and other purchases can be discounted with the use of their coupons . They also have this The Sport Aurthority promotions going on where in another dicounts can be avail. Its fun to shop when we are savings some bucks and not overboarding our budgets. I will definitely get some coupons tonight and will tell my friend about my good news of savings.

Hale Spring

It's spring already but this afternon it was a hale spring. The clouds was so dark and it rains with a lot of hales. After like 30 minutes of raining with hale, the blizzared of snow followed. I forgot to bring all my gloves and I did not wear a winter boots either. It was such a cold day today. They said it will snow tomorrow the whole day and I need to be ready with all my winter stuff again. My girl friend at work said hey do you wanna drive? noooo I replied its so slippery and not a good start as a new driver like me. Good night folks its good to drink some hot chocolate tonight while watching my favorite shows before I lay down to sleep.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fairey Shepard Collection Is Here!

  • I love painting and arts and recently I was figuring out to collect some authentic and classical prints. I was starting to look at some store but I found a comprehensive collection online that provides almost every prints that I need to get. This shepard fairy collection is very explicit and great.

  • They also have fairey shepard books and am so anxious to see more inside. I checked all their astounded shepard fairey prints and find it so pretty, and they even have President Obama portait. Isn't that cute? If you are a collector or looking for some piece of art you can check their website at shepardfaireyprints.com. Have fun folks!


Psalms 147:6

"The Lord sustains the humble but casts the wicked to the ground"

Sometimes we are too proud of the things we got and avail. Such things like achievements, wealth, power and prestige and we forgot that those are not permanent. At the end of the day God can take those away from us. God keep the meek and inherit the kingdom of God but the wicked will be cast away.

Humility is very essential in ones lives.  God will delight the lowly but despise the proud. I hope I share some good insights and wisdom to everyone. Have a blessed day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Truck Accessories

  • My husbands car is pretty old but his keeping it because aside from its payed off, its still working real good. I noticed that some are missing and too old so I figured out to buy him some accessories. I could find any accessories that I would like cheap and convenient at realtruck.com.

  • They are very comprehensive of providing diverse kind of any of your truck acessories. In my husbands car am looking both interior and exterior accessories and good thing they all have it.

  • They have billet grille and putco billet grilles with high quality. And this will add in my husbands car a catching design and style. I might use my husbands car for a little bit since am a new driver and use the new one later so I want this old car look nicer and comfortable. I want to design this car with new accessories, in a lower price but high quality.

  • Truck accessories industry is providing the fastest shipping, cheapest purchases and high quality cars and truck accessories in the market industry today. Right now they have 10% off to any of your order and and a limited free shipping. Geese I have a good deal today, this is great. Hurry up folks before offer last...

Lunch With Christina

I made lunch for my new found friend Christina today. We worked together and shes very witty, pretty woman. She brought me flowers and I found it so sweet. We talked more of the stuff in our careers in education and am empressed of all her achievements. She did tought special kids for over 6 years and and high school kids too.

After lunch we was supposed to go to the lake but we cant find our way back in our condo since we just wanted to walk so we just decided to just go there next time. But anyhow we had great time bonding together. What a beautiful day....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gold Coins

When some people are busy collecting classic and modern cars, some are also busy of getting gold coins. When we venture new things we need to consider the market availability. Properties like cars do depreciate but amazingly gold aren't. I have found this goldline international company that buy and sell gold. They provide astounded different gold coins that everyone would love to have. Accordingly gold increases for at least for the value of $1,200 each year and this a huge investment. To learn more you can avail their investor kit today and you will gain more knowledge about it. I told my friends about it and they certainly agree with me. Gold is indeed a good invest to profit.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Night

I am having fun watching and following the Philippine series of Agua Bendita. Its another lesson that every one would learn. Faith, patience, humility and acceptance that sometimes our own family overlooked it. I followed it most of the day in you tube. Im waiting for hubby to get home he still at work and my throat is acting funny again. Its so annoying but anyhow my day today was great. Its 12 am already I need to lay down and take a nap. Good night every one......

I Can't Wait to See Myrtle Beach

  • I cant wait to experience the dazzling of fun in the beach. Its been like almost 2 years that I have not gone to the beach again. Here in the states Myrtle Beach would be my first beach to experience. My friend live close to this beach and she said the spacious amenitines and elegant condos is just so amazing. Mytle Beach Accommodation is spectacular. They are just so perfect for us as a foreigner.

  • Mytle Beach Accommodations provide modern and elegant living. Their beautiful sunrise and sunsets are so amazing to experience. Being in touch with the nature is such a great previlege. I check Myrtle Beach Hotel again and geese I can't wait to be there. They are thoroughly equipped with everything that we need in our stay. I am starting to count my calendar now...I can't wait... 

Romans 5:3-5

Food for the soul for tonight.......

Romans 5:3-5 " More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character, abd character produces hope and hope do not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

Sometimes we are too focus of our success and deprive to understand that sufferings brings us in good fate too. Sometimes God uses as a symbol of a certain character that endures pain and hope.

Summer Get Away

I found a new friend and today when she drove me home we talked about summer escapade. Shes from europe and basically we are both foreign living and working here in the United states. Like me she also wanted to do some extra activities since we both could get 10 days vacation time. Luckily we decided to spend our summer to the finest Myrtle Beach Resort. We found a blast of great accommodations in Myrtle Beach Resorts with sumptuous amenities. 

Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort provide the most finest experience that we could ever treasure. They have extra ordinary activities and features that everyone would love to cherish. Since we are staying there for at least 5 days we need to book our reservations ahead of time. Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts is one  of the cleanest beach resort in the country today. They have oceanfront condo that is boosted with elegant and clean atmosphere that every one would love to stay in.  


When I started working hubby bought me a phone but unfortunately I did not like it. So now am still using the old phone of him and his using the new one. I told him to get me an iphone and hopefully he will.

I like the extra features and the touch screen of this phone. I could afford if I want too but I want him to buy me this lol. Hopefully he could read my blog and he will get me one soon.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

School Mail Boxes

Since am working as a resource teacher they also asked me to find some stuff that our school needs. Our mail boxes are not in a good shape so again I need to find a new mailbox. Shopping online is the fastest thing that I could do and I must say am good at it. Luckily I found a diverse variety of mailboxes that is perfect for me to get. The company showcases both residential and commercial mail boxes today. They are in high quality and cost effective that everyone could dearly afford. I just made my order couple hours ago and pretty soon it will be deliver in my school shortly. Every one in our school is looking for their new mail box and so am I.

Day Light Saving

Its a happy sunday and the day saving time begin, I am glad. But my husband forgot about it though I set my alarm for him. Good thing they made a call to remind him but still he was already little late at the job. I am feeling bettter today though am still getting some cough. But good thing am not sneezing anymore its very annoying, really. I am trying to finish all my task today, before monday comes. When hubby get off from work we will go shop for the things I need tomorrow. My snacks, lunch and others. Sometimes I am running some errands but maybe thats normal when we are working. Happy Sunday to everyone...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weird Period

I am not feeling comfortable because I feel that my period is not normal. I used to have just enough but this time around Its like am not  having my period. I can't get pregnant either because...because...because. But anyhow I am feeling so eerie of having a spotted blood only. I can't menopose either because I am too young for that. Hu? whats wrong with me.... Maybe I am stress out this week because of work. Well I can not continue guessing this way I need some check up to know what is up.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Medical Billing

  • Health care jobs are accordingly increasing this 2010. And I was  figuring out perhaps I could try medical fields too. There are a lot of related medical jobs that we could pick but I want to further my career in medical billing management. I would love to be a qualified billing specialist that will take care of the medical claims and hospital bills.

  • One of the virtual company that I learned and does medical billing is cobalt health company. They provide the latest management when it comes to billing resources. They provide the most innovative in their management and services speciliazing from otolaryngology billing, cardiothoracic billing and any laboratory billing related services.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wedding Preparations

My home girl was engaged couple months ago and of course we all know that the next step is to get married. Some people just preferred to have simple stuff on their wedding but some aren't. They want to acquire more memorable moments with their love ones and that's where wedding preparation or calendar comes in. I have learned that there are certain preparations that every one needs to consider when preparing a wedding. The following are:

  • Set initial budget for the wedding cost

  • Determine what kind of wedding you want such as if its in day or night, outdoor or indoor, casual or formal etc.

  • Find a reliable caterer for your food

  • Find a receptionist that could help you to coodinate the wedding

  • Decide who will officiate the wedding ceremony

  • Determine the number of guest, remember this is all about solemnity

  • If you want to be more graceful in the reception, you can start booking a music band

  • Start searching groomsmen, bridal gowns, bridesmaid gowns

  • Photographer must not be forgotten so determine the most reliable one

  • Flowers are very essential too, find local florists shop and get some deals
Those mentioned above are just the few stuff to be prepared and there are a lot more. Hope will helps...... 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Learn How to Meet Women

There's a lot of men who are physically enchanting and appealing but don't know how to make their moves soft and convincing. Accordingly appearance is a big plus but if you don't know what you are talking about this might be your fall of your first meeting. I have a huge news to men who are encountering some hard ups to meet women. We can all learn it from puaforums.com with their explicit secrets. They have pick up artist that will show you how to win your womans heart. If your life was been tedious and lonely, its time to stop that old episode of your life because puaforums will teach you how to meet women and win love, sex and good relationship. Physical attributes mostly occured at the very first glance of the meeting but interesting converstation will keep your women get interested more. For more information visit them right now and learn a lot of techniques and strategies that you have never learn before.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Resource Teacher

Luckily I was hired as a resource teacher in preschool today, I am delighted to have given a chance. What is the main responsibility of a resource teacher? Resource teachers main job is to assist students with their learning activities. Oftentimes they assist students reading comprehension, math problem solving, work sheets activities and more.  Hmmmm sounds good to me though, I probably love this kind of job. This is absolutely in line in my profession though am in high school field back home. Wish me luck folks hehehe this is it!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Additional Income

  • I went to the library today to buy some books. I love reading and writing some article. In line with this I realized to find some company that accepts writer to review and do some survey for a certain products. I heard that there's a lot of people right now that are making money through blogging, and do some paid surveys online. There's a lot of companies that accepts bloggers and writers to review their products but the one that get my attention is this getpaidtotry.com. Their steps and requirements are easy to accomplish.

  • Their offers are simple without any hustles to do. They don't require a lot of information from you. Well question like how does it works? You simply sign up free, take surveys and complete the survey offer, refer to a friend if anyone is interested, and lastly you will receive cash for the complete surveys. It sound simple to me though thats why am going to join and start making cash. I need some additional income to contribute and pay some bills. Taking reviews is essential if you are aiming to improve your writing skills. Reading and writing will help us to ace our comprehensions so what are you waiting for, folks lets start writing.