Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Favorite TV Snack


                                   Written by my friend Melvin Strong

My favorite TV snack has to be Popcorn. Anytime I come home from a long day at work and I turn on my DirectTV I always make sure that I have popcorn in my house. Popcorn to me is a comfort food. It goes hand in hand with Television and Movies. It doesn't hurt that I work at a Supermarket so I always pick up a box or two before I leave work. It's hard to forget it when you work in the store where it's sold. My favorite kind is either the plain one or light butter. This way when I get home I can add my own seasonings. Anyway, once I get home, I pop it in the microwave.

Two minutes and thirty seconds later while it's still hot, I throw some garlic powder on top and sit down to my favorite movie or tv show. Let's not forget a can of my favorite diet soda too. The garlic powder is spicy and if I don't drink the soda every so often my tongue feels burnt for the rest of the night.If my husband is home from work he'll usually sit down together with me. If that's the case then after a few minutes I usually have to get up again and make another bag of popcorn as he loves it more than me.

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