Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kidney Infection

I was worried and terrified when I talked to my mom that she has kidney infection that almost close to get dialysis. Dialysis is the artificial process of getting of waste from our kidneys the what so called diffusion. Pyelonephritis is a form of a kidney infection that is commonly caused by a traveled bacteria to the kidney from the bladder infection. I had no clue what it is aside the typical belief that too much salt can cause kidney infection. My mom's doctor acclaimed that mama need to stop taking pain reliever because it destroys her kidney. Before its too late she need to stop specially that she is older. She undergone an executive check up from her sugar level, blood, cholesterol and many more. The doctor said that she will have another check up soon and mama will have another check up appointment the next week after. God is watching over my moms health.

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