Sunday, April 24, 2011

Go Get Your Dream Car At Tampa

We have two vehicles that is not perfect for our cleaning business at all. It's kinda small and so me and hubby have been trying to find a used truck for our cleaning. We  found some couple trucks but it don't fit to our budgets. But anyways and we found Tampa used cars that has a wide selection of used and new cars today. They provide financing and even pre-owned process...I can't wait to finally get our cleaning truck.

When it comes to their applications, we were so amazed how they provide their approval process because for just 30 seconds you can be approve of getting your dream car. I guess they go with your credit too when they approve your applications and me and hubby has excellent credit score. I love SUV's but I guess Ford F 150 or a Truck will be the best to our cleaning equipments. I was also amazed because they created a video for us to watch how this cars looks like and they have this vihicle of the week too. It helps a lot and will give us more idea about the car. Check it out!

Strep Throat

I am having a severe strep throat right now. It started last Friday and so I called in at my job. We had a sudden dr. appointment and good thing the clinic was not that busy. All I thought that when I eat or drink sweets I usually get sore throat. But not right now, they checked me in for a trep throat and to be honest it is very painful. I never had strep throat before, sore throat yes and it don't take for so long. I have been enduring the pain for almost 3 days now and my throat is still swelling. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and I have been eating chicken soup. I am hungry but I can't eat more solids at all. Anyways, strep throat accordingly was cause by bacterial infections. Some symptoms includes such as fever for over 101 F, swollen tonsils, lymph nodes, white and yellow spots behind your swollen tonsils of throat, severe headache, body pain and more.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Go For Gold and Secure our families future

Getting ready for your retirement? Or have you started setting aside some funds for your future? Have you heard about gold IRA or converting your IRA to gold or IRA gold and gold 401k? There's a way to build up your future stability today and that is to invest our money to gold. People who collect gold never regrets. This form of investment works 99%. We could keep it as a collection and use in times of  needs.

My family loves gold and it becomes my passion too. I collect jewelries that has gold and I could use it in so many ways. But lately I was wondering maybe I will benefit it more if I will invest it as my retirement? Then I told my husband about it. He was skeptical at first but when he read about it he was so impressed and decided to get involve into it.  It will never be too late to start investing. Check it out!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wild Driving

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

When the temperatures drop, rain and snow fall, and the winds begin to howl, it's time to practice the safest winter driving practices possible to keep you and those around you safe. Road conditions can get very dangerous in the winter, and everyone should remember they can not drive the same on these conditions as they could on a sunny summer afternoon. Remember to check the weather, set the home alarm system from before leaving, and follow all road tips for the best winter driving experience.

If the weather turns worst then you have seen it, or there are a lot of ice and snow on the road, try and push traveling off to another day or do as little driving as possible. If driving is a must, make sure your vehicle is in proper working order so that you don't have any surprises with anything not working as it should in such conditions. Antifreeze, and water solutions for the windshield are a must, and make sure to keep gas tanks at least half full.

As you are driving, adapt your speed to the conditions and be prepared to change speeds as the conditions change. Remember to keep a safe distance between you and all cars around you in case of slipping or sliding with you or a car close to you. And, of course, always keep blankets, a flash light and first aid in your car should anything ever happen to ensure you are prepared for any problem.