Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rockies Game Tonight

We are heading to Ludo's Barn and Grill Restaurant for dinner tonight. Hubby is still at work and am trying to get ready. Not forget to mention that afterwards the dinner we will watch Rockies too. Its quarter to 4 and hubby needs to get home. It will takes 32 minutes and 20.50 miles to get there. The Rockies game will start at 6:10 pm so we need to be time conscious. This will be my first time watching Rockies game and some people at the job are coming to watch too.

I have 5 tickets for myself, hubby, my friends 2.5 yrs old daughter and her hubby. I have no other outlet for fun aside from writing and cooking and perhaps watching ball games like Rockies will do some change. I am very anxious to finally be there in their huge stadium. Most of the time I only come to see some photos when I read some articles about Rockies game...Very exciting indeed...Here I come Rockies!

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