Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scrubs For My Infant Teacher Friends

I have lots of friends in nursing field. Most of them are women. Next year I am enrolling myself in nursing course. Probably PSW or LPN and inline with this I have been looking for a scrub uniforms. I am a teacher in profession but something change along the way. I am more interested to work with patients than teaching.

When time comes that I will be done with my course, I already have found a store that  provides scrubs and this can be check at that provide a wide selection of fine fabric but cheap scrubs and scrub clothing that any nursing people need to have.

I am excited to start my class next year. I just need to have another career and make more money. I also love wearing scrubs while working in the medical field. This christmas I have three friends that works as an infant teacher and I am planning to buy some good scrubs for them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Furnitures For My New House

We just bought a new dinning table set and a new couch in our family room. We invited some people to come this thanks giving and the furniture that we have are just so perfect for the event. I need more furniture in our house, we have no chairs in our backyard so I found a very nice looking Adirondack chairs that would really look nice in my backyard.

The store also have different furniture such as a Picnic Tables that we will really need them this summer. We have been hanging out with friends and planning some different gatherings. It would be a huge help for us when we go picnic in the lake. My neighbor has a nice bench outside their house. It looks like a Park Benches in the park.

I am excited to show this new found furniture to my husband. I want him to look at it and decide to buy them. The store provide unique furniture designs that will capture our interests so if your looking for furniture then visit terra bound solution.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yitz Grossman

Have you ever experience dealing with identity crises issues? Identity crises is not unpleasant experience. It affects to different aspects in life. One of the most famous social network in the world of the internet today is facebook.

People uses facebook to connect their loveones in many ways like finding your long lost family, classmates, and friends. Some people in facebook don't like to use or reveal their real identity or names. They goes for aliases or screen names. Well maybe because of some privacy reasons.

Now an article of identity crises was being published at yitz grossman website. This site writes comprehensive topics such as interesting and funny ones. I love jokes and I found out that one of his site has plenty of jokes in other words he has a lot humor to enjoy.

Marquez Used a Stopper style to cheat????

There's a lot of articles and videos speaking out about the fight of Marquez and Pacquiao. Some says that pacman should not win and marquez is the real winner. I read some comments and speculations both parties fighting over what really happen. A video shows that Marquez used a stopper style to make Pacman's fight hard, according to some people that it was a form of cheating.

The fight was really close and tight but when they announced that Pacman did won, my pride of being a Filipino was ignited. I feel happy regardless of hearing the crowd booing and unhappy. I did not understand it. I also feel sorry to Marquez of watching him became so confident rising his hands as a winner.

I watched a video from utube showing how Marquez cheated. Oh well if its true or not, the result was already done and announced. If you guys want to see it just google it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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