Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Doctors Appointment Tomorrow

My allergies get terrible each day. So I asked my job to get a day off tomorrow. But since they needed me during lunch, I decided to go back to work after my check ups. Going to a Dr.'s appointment will help us to discuss our health issue and different medical concerns. I know that its merely an allergy but it bothers me big time.

Some tips that I learn on what to prepare for our Dr.s appointment.

  • Make a list of your medical concerns specially on your health issues.

  • Take your information with you...this means you need to carry your medications and show it to your doctor. This way your doctor will understand more about your situation.

  • Make it sure your senses are working well such as your hearing senses and your vision.

  • It is very advantage to bring someone like a friend or a family with you.

  • Observe your medical updates...from your last, recent and present visits.

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