Sunday, August 22, 2010

Keeping local music alive


                                 Guest post written by Simon Griffin

I always used to hang out at a record shop growing up, back when we actually sold vinyl records. Now I own one in a small college town that has somehow braved all the closing of large and small, independent record stores.

Both I and the store have been very fortunate and we rely a lot upon the actual store’s brand, which is widely known in the area for supporting local artists and hosting lots of in-store concerts by artists that are playing local venues on the same day.

Like any good record store, we play newly released music for customers to hear in the store. Lately I’ve been turning it up a bit louder to hear it well, which has drawn some complaints from employees and a few customers. I noticed that I was also having trouble hearing customers when I was helping them track down a release or pay for their purchase.

So I looked up miracle ear locations and went and bought some hearing aids. I think my customer service has improved a bit and my employees are complaining just a bit less.

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