Monday, August 16, 2010

Tips To Take care of our skin

What is the largest part of our body? The largest part of our body is our skin. It requires intensive care and proper nurture. Most of the time pimples and other black heads only grew on my face during my period. I can't explain why but when some unpleasant pimples pop-up somewhere on my face or to anywhere in my skin that tells me that my period is coming close. I have some simple tips on how to maintain a radiant and clean skin:

  • Take a bath everyday...Some people only take care of their face. This is very wrong. Our whole body requires enough water for hydration so washing our whole body with fresh and clean water is very essential.
  • Drink water helps our skin hydrated and free from dryness.
  • If your skin used to have lotion and other make up, be sure that this substance don't have no nonecomedogenic and nonacnegenic...this means that this substance don't clog pores.
  • Most of us use some hair gel or spray.Folks most of this hair products contains oil. When you spray keep your self away from it.
  • Find the most effective products that your skin will like.
  • Avoid too much exposure from the sun...
  • Use sunscreen to prevent from sun burn.

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