Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Ondoy Hit's

When Ondoy hit's a havoc in some parts of manila, it was such a heart breaking news to each of us. Every one suffered in all walks of life, when i read the news i felt very sorry to our fellow filipino's. Some are still missing some are still trying to retrieve their love ones body. So many are asking enough help, food, water, and even a place to stay. The wrath of ondoy killed a lot of lives and ruined several properties. It almost submerged the whole area in manila.

I appreciate the private sectors for giving prompt actions like the abs-cbn, gma, some people in the showbiz industry and some companies. But i know its not enough, more help must be rendered especially from the government. If you wanna donate some help abs-cbn has this sagip kapamilya 382-8698 or overseas hotline number 1-800-527-2820.....or visit or they have all the emergency contact numbers...

Lets make a difference now..........lets help and save life.... God bless to all of us!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Communication Ways

Communications is very essential to convey important messages to one another. It is also the means of sending and transmitting of messages, orders, with the use of advance technology such as telephone, telegraph, radio, television and internet. Today i will share to you the very innovative way of sending our messages through this one leading company of market communications. When I go through their website I was amaze with their products and services. They provide voice recording, IP recording and the latest advancement of Cybertech.

Market communications is merely the most well-timed and cost effective technical support resources in the market business today. They build a very good relationship towards the customers compared to other companies around the globe. They encourage and promote the attitude of “customer first” and from that character the clients always come back and use their services. They also provide wireless solutions as they called “wireless mesh network solution”.

Market communications includes high trained professionals like skilled engineer, technicians, sales, customer representative and administrative personnel. In their financial trading system they provide a one year warranty to renovated equipment. They also have a 24/7/365 monitored system to provide the clients the best service they need to get. Am amazed that Verizon is partnered with market communication as we are from Verizon, it’s remarkable. This company simply shows a very outstanding service in the country today as they could manage all technology aspects. So am inviting you to visit their website it's a big help to any business you are going to venture.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mother In Law

A woman with a strong moral character and posses vivid ideas...that's my mother in law. She's very pretty and adorable inside and out. When I finally met here for the first time i felt so delighted, she give me a hug and from there i claimed i got another mom. We had fun we went to casino, eat dinner and first time to drink margarita lol. I forgot to brought my camera i should have lots of picture to show right now. But anyhow we still have lots of time to spend as we are planning to visit them one of this days.

I learned to cook chicken dumplings from her gosh shes a good cook. Now i stop wondering how my husband become a chef he definitely inherited the talent from her. We talked a lot and we had a lot in common to discussed. We laugh, we talked serious about marriage, raising kids and a lot of stuff. We even played at farm town, chat in ym and talk a lot about life experience that we learned. My husband is so proud of her and me as well...shes definitely one of a kind. Me and my husband can not wait to visit them and have more fun together with mom, dad paul and renee. Renee is my sister in law shes smart, outspoken and very pretty. I wish i have some picture of her but am looking forward next time, il surely take more picture of us.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


An Island is described as a piece of land enclosed or surrounded by is a piece of track that looks isolated with out easy access of everything. When i was a kid my mother told me this very significant line "No man is an Island" (english author "John Donne") that denotes as a human being we are destined to rely each other because we can not sufficiently survive by ourselves only but need other people. Today wana share to you my father in laws piece of wisdom "Paul Cater"...folks enjoy reading

Are you an island in the neighborhood?
Do you turn your back at a chance to do good?
If your fellow man is down on his luck,
Can you reach in your pocket and pull out a buck?

If you see a young man going a stray,
Do you take the time to show him the way,
Can you say, i helped my friend in need from the heart,
And you did a good deed without word of complain

With all the problems we have in this land,
Do you try to do all that you can
Are you the person you would like to live next to or the kind that
That makes people sue no one person can
make the world sound

So reach out your hand to all who are down
Help your fellow man,be all you can
Be an island be the best that you can
Because an island could be inland.