Friday, January 29, 2010

Matthew chapter 7

Verse for today.........matthew chapter 7 verse 1 and 2 ....... Judge not, that you be not judge for with what judgment you judge, you will be judge and with the same measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

A lot of people pass their judgment without considering the words of God.  But just remember Matthew 7 and you will get certain enlightenment. Life is so short...there's nothing to be judge........keep your verdict..Only God has the right!!!!

I just thought about this since the world is really getting crazy. People are fighting and arguing with non-sense. Most of us are too easy to conclude without a legal basic fact. Sigh...sigh sigh

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Importance of Address Plaques

Here in the states, most street are well structured with their proper addresses. I noticed plaques of address everywhere in the corner. The benefits of having this is to  site the neighborhood so easily.

Last November I went to Texas in my in laws place, and I noticed my mother in laws garden plaques saying " Andreas Garden" I was amazed this new stuff,  that means we can customize our own special plaque.

Out of my curiosity, I searched it this morning and found some variety of address plaques. From residential plaques, commercial, address numbers and even customize mail boxes. I just find it so virtual if our home or village will have this kind of address plague settle in our place.

One of my friend in California was little lost when she went walking with her dog, but since their street has specific address sign, she was able to locate her home right away. In my own views, address signs is very important specially if we live in a huge compound.

Address plagues or signs can be very helpful not only to our new neighbors, but also to our visitors who want to come for a visit. Sometimes, when its dark or when its snowing, locating an address of a friend is hard to find. But with this new solar powered address plaques, things will be very easy and exciting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Presents For My Family

I barely go out unless some friends picked me or hubby and I went for shopping.  It's really inconvenient if we don't know how to drive, that's why I usually do my shopping spree online.

We're planning to go back home this year and am starting to prepare my presents to the family. I have lot's of nephews and nieces, grand kids and even god kids. Therefore since am coming home, they anticipated that I have something for them.

I have found this Lou Lou's Corner that is perfect for an individual like me who seldom go to the mall. They are very special boutique store that generally provide unique merchandise from clothing, toys, books in all ages.

I am glad to find out that this January, they are giving away some 10% extra discount. My grand child Althea love stuff toys and jellycat with some activity books would be perfect for her. Sound educational isn't it? My grand kids are very adventurous and this will help them to broaden their horizon and creativity.

I also would love to get some barefoot dreams cozychic throw for my dear mother. Since province of Bukidnon is cold and cozy she will need this at night time to keep her warm. She will surely like  it because it is soft and will cuddle her from being cold.

I did not send anything for my grand son on his birth-day yesterday. So when i come home I will just get him some appaman shirt and  pants with sumptuous design. I just love my family so much and can't wait to be home with my presents.

Discomfort of Knee and Hip Replacement

When everything is uncertain to our health where will we go? To our medical specialist and seek for help. We trust and give them the right to heal and cure what ever illness we have. With all the resources today and how innovation evolve its pretty easy for us to get medical attention.

One of my specific example is to old folks who are suffering for arthritis or any knee or hip discomfort. But not all of them has successful treatment specially when it requires surgery. America is one of the most innovative country when it come's to medical technology. Nevertheless I read some issues on zimmer durom cup that number of patients are experiencing more discomfort after surgery.

But not only knee issues from the patients but also to those who had durom cup hip replacement failures too. Last year of November my mom in law had a knee replacement I dunno what kind of type of cup that the  Dr. used, hopefully is not from zimmer durom cup types .

I was apprehensive with her health condition because she has heart problem issues too so any complication might arise. To any one who has suffer knee or hip failure condition contact  mctplaw with the help of Christopher Toale and Pitts Law Firm. They are design to help people who had failure medical surgery. Act now!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


What is Chlamydia? Last night I felt very sorry for one my closest friend who suffer chlamydia. She's 6 month pregnant and just yesterday, she found out that she was infected with this loathsome disease. She never had or have multiple intercourse to any one but to her husband, so therefore she got it from her trusted husband. Disgusting isn't it?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease or infection (std or sti). This kind of diseases commonly known as a silent kind since it don't show's visible  symptoms. Most of the infected individual are not aware that they have this disease. This kind of sexual transmitted disease can be passed during oral sex, vaginal and anal sex. Accordingly chlamydia can be easily treated but if you let it left untreated it can cause severe reproductive problem specially to our fertility.

My friend got this disease not before pregnancy, why? because most cases chlamydia usually block or harm the cervix that leads to infertility. So therefore, she got chlamydia infection  while she's pregnant. I just feel bad because, in most cases it will harm the infant. Am I furious? Yes i'm mad, agitated and almost go off and make a call to her husband. God forbid, hope the baby will come out fine.

Infant Symptoms and effects:

. Premature Delivery

. Pneumonia

. Neonatal Conjunctivitis

. Hard time in Breathing

. Blindness

. Respiratory infection

Chlamydia can be easily treated and cured, but can cause infertility or tubal pregnancy if not treated. Chlamydia can be cured by taking some antibiotic's, and to avoid long term problem early treatment is advise.

In women symptoms includes the following:

. Pain during sexual intercourse

. nausea or having a fever

. pain during peeing

. vaginal discharge like some yellow milky mucus with a foul smell

. abdominal pain

. spotting between periods.

I suggest, that we should have some check up to shun away from this kind of reproductive illness.Indeed, prevention is better than cure.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Entertainment To Our Valuable Customer's

Businesses are trying to get more customers and uplifted their income everyday. With all the available resources, every business owner tried everything to attract more people to come.

But there's one effective way to get more customer's and it wont cost you that much and that is hooking your store with Business Satellite TV.

Most of the businesses today like bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shop, casino, and even hospitals has their own tv provider as an entertainment.

Why we need to get Commercial Satellite TV for our business? Its because 90% of businesses subscribers augmented their earnings.

If we aimed to develop our business then let's update our old tv entertainment. Let's stop consuming our time with non profit entertainment but switch it to Direct TV Business Account now.

Our  valuable customer's will have a more chance to enjoy their meal, or drink their beer while watching their most favorite shows.

New TV Offers

One of my husbands outlet of recreation is to watch his most favorite shows. He wouldn't mind to spend more bucks to watch and buy his movies everyday. In fact me and him has series of movie dvd collection.

When it comes to entertainment he don't compromise, but he make sure that the tv provider that we have provide what we deserve. We love out tv providers right now but we have found a new one that fits to our needs. Direct TV Offers unbeatable prices and services today.

They have new Direct TV Specials this 2010 that every one would enjoy. If you want to update your tv provider try DirecTV Specials and avail the entertainment benefits. With all the mounting bills to pay, its time to spend less and set up our new tv provider at home.

Make your choice now and enjoy their high definition packages.  Avail the latest DirecTTV Specials today and update your old and not fun tv provider. If you want to have hundreds of channels then switch it now, let's do it!


There are two certain ways of love. Being deeply cherish and loved by somebody gives us enough strength while loving someone deeply, gives us courage. My friend asked me with some uncertainties about love and I replied love changes and shifts to different level sometimes. There are times that we can not love fully all the time. Even to those tho are willing to do things with love will change.

Love with all of your heart, if it fails get up and try again. I guess this what makes love so wonderful. Never stop loving, never retreat since love is a foundation of everything. Love is volatile and yet amazing that can move even the mountains. To every one who are out of love, never get dismay because love is always in the air. 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Time To Watch My Show

I dearly love to watch  movies, musical shows, games, musical concerts and any other sports events. But here in the states you can't watch that without getting a ticket. Everything has money equivalent to any entertainment.Hubby was been focusing on his work lately and he forget to have fun. So we both decide to loosen our selves. Key Arena Tickets are the perfect price for us. They are very cost effective and equipped to different  shows and schedules that we want to get.

Have you ever witness the live MTV award? Folks Radio City  Music Hall Tickets has accordingly the frequent site that hosted MTV awards every year. This is a blast for me, I love watching MTV awards on TV and now I have a chance to finally see them live.

Since I was a kid I love stage and theater show, i just find it so fabulous to watch. With cheap set ticket everything is so easy to get. We can now eventually watch theatrical best performance's today by booking our reservations and purchases with  Spiderman Tickets. With cheap set we could able to see our favorite and famous artist. Let's go and watch our favorite show, get your ticket now!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Perfect Place for Golf Vacation

I always imagine myself to experience in a high pleasing moment with my love ones. In the depth of winter, who are not dreaming for summer vacation? Every one would love to get away and enjoy the glazing sunlight every morning on the beach. Going to the breath taking beaches and experience the spacious amenities is a an exquisite experience.

I miss touching the sand and building some castle from it. But this dream will be in reach this summer and my perfect destination is to go to Golf Myrtle Beach resort. Isn't that amazing to have a chance to play golf on the grand strand golf course? The place is fabulous like a paradise. Booking our Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations are quick and easy.

My friend and I already booked our reservations and availed the Myrtle Beach Golf Packages. Its so exciting to finally experience the luxury soon. We was delighted because their golf reservation specialist are very accommodating and friendly. I do believe that every one deserves to experience the most challenging golf paradise. If you're looking for a place to play golf I recommend you to pick Myrtle Beach Golf and experience the lifetime. Don't go further but decide now.

Let's Save Some Energy At Home

One great saving solution that me and hubby found is having a budget energy bill during winter. We only pay certain amount without any excess. We can always turn up the heater or air condition everyday if we want. But we don't do that and we always conserve the energy.

With all the mounting bills, we want to save some at least in our energy bill. One thing that I could recommend is set your bills with budget billing, am telling you its effective. Anyhow I have some tips here  on how to save energy around the house.

1. Set your energy bill to budget billing. Let say you want 90 to 100 dollars every month, you will pay more or less of that amount.

2. Turn Off lights when you are not using the room. Keeping the lights on even if your not using it  is a huge waste. Using lamp shade can help to minimize energy.

3. Unplug your electronics when you are not using it. Keeping your electronics on can still draw electricity little by little. This is what they called vampire power.

4. Lower your thermostat in a few degrees. If you go for vacation in winter never forget to turn down your heater too.

5. If your leaving in a residential area you can start planting a tree for passive solar. This will help your property to have some shading.

6. Most of the time I used to wash with hot water, but I learned that it consumes more energy. Wash your clothes with cold water, this will reduce the energy consumption.

I know there's a lot of ways to save up some energy, hope this will serves as a help to every one!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Search Now

Internet is the easiest way to find and locate businesses and any other online establishments. Through online activity we are able to seek the accurate research that we need. There are hundreds of search engines that has indexed about anything. Unlike before locating certain addresses is so hard to find.

One of the prestigious search engine that I found is They provide one shop search to any of your local search from businesses establishment and  services.  They are the most rapid and easiest search engine that we could find. is another composition of any local yellowpages today.

This local search is very comprehensive of delivering the accurate contest to any searches that you make. The benefit that I experienced with local is I found my favorite local restaurants with just one click. The accurate address and even driving direction was completely given to me.

Our generation provide unbeatable resources. The innovation is so  fast-moving and everything seems so easy. Start your search now and experience the fast pace benefit.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Let's Compare Car's

Thinking of getting some quality car's? Getting quality car's is not easy because you need to consider a lot of thing's. When we are planning to get a car , we practically consider the  amount of money that we need to have and the insurance policy.

One effective tip is when we are starting to decide,  we need to make some series of checklist both company cars and insurance quote . That way we will be able to determine which one is the best. Because more choices to compare is  more chances of getting the right one.

With the car connection company, they are very comprehensive of dealing with different models of cars. From sumptuous new cars down to classic used cars. If your looking for 2010 ford focus pics with updated features and design, car connection has all of that.  They also have strength and imposing design of 2010  chrysler  that is notable to every one.

My type of design that empress me is this appealing 2010 chevrolet avalance ,that is powerful both exterior and interior design. I wish I got the money right now and even get  both of this chevrolet silverado. The chevrolet silverado hybrid pics and images are just so amazing and strong, its so hard to despise it.

Anyhow, those I mentioned above are my choices and with the help of car connection my dream will be in reach. How about you?

Ways to Bring your Love one to the United States

Are you a US citizen and want to marry a foreign national and will plan to bring your loved one to the United States? There are three options to bring your special someone here in the US. First--- is to marry them in their own country and apply K-3 or spouse visa. Second--is K1 of Fiance visa , and thirdly---B-2 or tourist visa with all the supporting docs. Choosing the right one is up to you. But don't focus too much to the immigration benefits but enjoy the relationship.

Getting to know each other must be a good chance to accept cultural and norm differences. Stronger effort to prove that the relationship is really legit and genuine takes time. The process for k1 and k3 only takes few months, as long as the papers are complete everything will be alright. The only difference between the two is k3 marriage occurs before she/he left the country.

The adjustment status of k3 applicant is automatic to 10 yr  resident unlike with the k1. K1 change of status is called conditional residence and after the 2 yr conditional they need to remove the condition. For more information visit and you will find more complete information.

Some one asked me what is the fastest way to bring their fiance over , my answer was either  of the 3 ways as long as the paper works are in order and it will be alright. Every state has its own rules and regulations too. The wisest thing is to read and be aware of the paper works and the system.

Using an atty. is just wasting your money. But if you have lot's of money then atty. is fine. B-2 is the hardest visa to get, It  takes fate and chances to get it. lol I mean again money talks right?  if you can provide all the requirements and you appeared convincing then you can get it.   Good Luck!

Stock Trading To Generate More Income

Today there are a lot of online brokerage firms that we could pick. Choosing the right one is very time consuming since we want assurance and security. One of the prestigious company that  leverage our investment is First Trade. They allow their customers to trade stocks,  get option , mutual funds, ETF's, fixed incomes with a very competitive amount. 

We are talking about investing our money so one question in our mind is how much does it cost to open an account for them? Is it safe? Right now if you decide to transfer, its FREE unlike other broker that cost you $100 of bucks. Their Online Broker will provide everything that you need. They are completely knowledgeable on trading business.

How about their security? They are one of the top leading discount online brokerage that provide secure trading browser. They will give you a free subscription to avail this safe central for your windows-based personal computer. If you want to make more profit and stability start making funds and rollover your 401K or IRA Accounts to first trade.

They also have Mobile Trading power system that enables you to win some prices. The more you trade to first trade mobile the more chances of winning. Stock Trading is a revolutionary way of leveraging your income and generate your money more. Place your order now and enjoy the benefits.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Experience The Lifetime Seaside Resort

Looking for a perfect place to unwind and have fun for your family and friends? I have found a perfect modern elegance with classic beauty of Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts today. I considered this resort as a tropical paradise with the breathtaking ocean views and soothing atmosphere.

Myrtle Beach Resorts is very gentle to build a lovely memories with our love ones. The nature of its beauty is just so unique and charming. This is the perfect place that we could simply relax and enjoy the spacious accommodations and amenities. This place is so lovely to savor every gracious features that they have.

The picturesque is obviously quint and charming to experience and treasure. Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach is boasted with so much luxurious and unlimited recreational activity. Start your inquiry now and make your best choice for vacations. From sumptuous condo rentals, sophisticated golf packages and extravagant beaches of the grand stand.

Haiti Earthquake Catastrophe

The headline news stated the devastated catastrophe that killed and trapped thousands of people in hillside shanties, demolishes schools and hospitals in Haiti. They need a massive rescue and assistance right now.

Its very heartbreaking to see the news how their country was destroyed with this deadly earthquake. One of  the voices that begged for help was a woman who was asking for help in a collapsed kindergarten with some kids with her.

They are calling the United States to help them to the same help that we did last year 2008. United States help Haiti when the wrath of four hurricanes ruined their country. This kind of catastrophe is very traumatic like what typhoon Andoy wiped out the Philippines. Its tragic and unpredictable how mother nature hit us in surprise.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Effective Math Tutor Today

Are you looking for an affective Math help with affordable price? Tutor vista is one of the top leading online tutoring today. They have online expert tutor that are fully knowledgeable to teach k12 and beyond. Unlike before we spend a lot of time to go out and met our tutor outside but not no more. With this online session we can now study, finish our assignments with quick assistance from our online tutor.

Online math tutor offers a free demo service and from this demo we can avail a free math help from them. This Online math tutoring is fun and very convenience because we could study at home and to our own pace. This kind of tutorial can advance our subject lessons too and let us get ahead from our next lessons.

One of the advantage of this online tutoring is we can easily connect to our tutor using our personal computer. By just one click our task and assignment will get help and assistance. Since they offered free demo service we could avail Free online math tutoring the first time. Their uniquely design to help students that find difficult in math.

Online math help has different math concepts from geometry, number theory, algebra and many more. If you have k12 and college students try their Free online math help and experience the convenience of passing your grades in math.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Shop But Save Money

Winter is not a perfect time to go shopping in the mall. Going outside with all the stuff from the store can lay stress to us. But with this new resources from shopping during winter is now accessible and easy. It will save up our time, effort and energy with all their top selling products from automotive, electronics, with a free shipping service.

Right now, I have found a perfect calico critters master bedroom playset with a very outstanding style and designs. This bedroom vanity is so amazing  if I can only get all of them and enjoy the luxury. If you're looking for a new set of bedroom furniture, can help you with it. Since it's winter coat and jacket is very important for us.

I would love to have this jeanology stretch cropped denim jacket that is very affordable in price but elegant. They provide most of everything that we need to have.  Hey valentines is coming so instead of going to the regular store you can get jewelries for your love one's here too. Anyhow,  I was planning to buy my sister in law a toddler car seat for her shower party.

I would love to get this 2009 priori baby car seat with convertible feature that can be use from your  infant up to toddler. They got so much more to offer so if I were you start shopping now at with all their top merchandise today. From dazzling of furnishing, interior and exterior design, appliances and a lot more!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Horizon Beach My Special Treat To My Family

When it comes to our family we don't think twice of spending quality time with them. Every moment with them is countless specially if we see them having fun and satisfied. We plan out our vacation get a way's every summer with all the available resorts today. But hey am here to help you find the best and perfect one for your family.

When it comes to modern and sophisticated ambiance Myrtle Beach Accommodation has all of that. Their amenities are extra ordinary with all the recreational events. Myrtle Beach Accommodations includes luxury bedrooms, water recreation, ocean view water, banquet of food from their restaurants, modern exercise facility and a lot more.

Myrtle Beach Hotel is modernly  furnish and boasted with pleasurable amenities. Just pick with their pleasurable packages from honey package, girl friend get away, romance package, treat yourself package, golf package and many more. I am planning out for my vacation to horizon myrtle beach  this summer I might see you there! Let's experience the lovely sunrises and sunsets along the coastline with our family and friends.

My Writing Skills

Blogging is one of my hobby today. Believe me or not I can sit in my desk 24/7 a day. Of course with all the back ache but I love writing so much. Writing an article is not easy, you need to come up with a catching ideas that your reader would love to read. It takes great patience, hard work, and determination to write.

I could write anything while listening to a music or even talking to a friend. But it would be more effective if i will write without any disturbances. Well, maybe this is just the way am motivated with. I must admit I need to learn more strategies in writing an article and this is what I learned.

1. Correct Practice Makes Perfect! --- this is a legendary line that every one knows about. Writing is a skill and if you pursue writing, you will be develop. Accordingly do not worry about the topic you write or the quality of your ideas. Be willing to be criticize and get some corrections specially if they are right. Take it as a challenge and a motivation to improve your writing.

2.  Famous Articles From famous Writers. ---Learn from the expert writers. You need to read and observe how they write. You need to find out their strategies and styles on how they come up with quality articles. Professional writers start as an amateur. They don't become an expert right away but they learn from their mentor writer too.

3. Be communicative. ----As a writer you need to build up a form of conversation. In other words be conversational towards your readers. Get their sympathy and never alienate them.

Good luck to every one!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Elegant Resort

When it comes to elegance and breath taking views Myrtle Beach Hotel is one of it. If your planning to get away this valentines day with your family and love one's  I could recommend this beach resort. They are perfectly located in the ocean with all the sumptuous amenities. Their spacious accommodations are provided with all the convenience. If your looking for a breeze soothing environment then start your inquiry now and find Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel today.

This 2010 Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels has different kind of events.One of them is a benefit fund-raiser activity for Coastal Samaritan Counseling that will be held at St. Stephen's Episcopal church in north myrtle beach resort. This resort is not merely for recreation but also for charity events too.

You can have your advance reservations now since they provide a secure online reservation system and by phone. If your a golfer myrtle beach also provide great deals and packages for golf vacationer's. As they featuring the perfect place for golfers . Their place is just so amazing like a paradise. If I were you check it now!

Google Products

I was looking for a netbook laptop and I found that google introduced some variety of products today. You can actually shop by brands like apple, samsung, acer aspire, hp,toshiba, asus and more. Apple is too expensive for me now hehe but I might save up to get one. But for now I would love to have this google samsung N310 KA04-Atom 1.6 GHz-10.1"-1GB Ram -160 GB HDD.

Local Mover's For My Friend

My friend is moving to their new place this month but since she's pregnant she need's our help for packing her valuable's. But I found great moving company that will provide perfect service that we need. First and foremost this company provides free express moving quotes to any type of moves we want. They help us to have the most accurate Moving Estimates that fits to our budget. This is been 15 years in service that help us to connect to any Local Movers company today. '

If you're moving locally for instance just across the other street or across town, they have this Local Moving company that will handle everything without any hassle. has the full access of finding the best local movers that can relocate you quick and easy. They have top local movers right now and I just get the Local Moving Quotes for my dear friend. If you happen to move any sooner start your inquiry now. They rest assured that they will provide you the best reliable movers for you.

Safe Tip's Of Our Auto Insurance

Having auto insurance here in the states is a requisite. We ought to get it for security purposes. There's a lot of unsafe cars and unpleasant drivers out there on the road. With SafeAuto insurance today, variety of helpful tip's from their top 15 movie videos and informative article's is freely provided. This 15 movies has its own significance when it comes to helpful tip's in driving your vehicle. But the most important thing is to have your reliable auto insurance.

SafeAuto insurance  is a revolutionary company that provide all the legit and complete insurance information that you really need. They have their licensed professionals people that will always assist you of choosing the right auto insurance that suites in your needs. Most of the time if it delivers high quality, it also requires high amount of money. But folks not with this company, they  are very cost effective that always fit to your budget. Manage your policy now and get your free auto insurance rate quote or call this number 1-800-SAFEAUTO in your most convenient time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Come With Me and Let's Watch the Game

Are you a New York Rangers fun? I have found a company that sells cheap tickets. This company called deals and access to many New York Rangers Tickets across the globe. They have professional ticket brokers that handles all the negotiation to get great prices that suits in our budget. Their ticket brokers will assist you and inform you with all the proper game schedules. From foot ball, baseball, soccer, racing golf, tennis, hockey and many more game events. Are you a Boston Celtics NBA basketball fan? Cheapset ticket broker's has again the full access of this kind of event.

This month of  January to April 2010, Boston Celtics Tickets are all out for sale. Just chose the schedule and purchase it online. Remember getting a Boston Celtics tickets are not easy to get because of all the fans out there. But hey no more hard ups of purchasing the ticket because cheap set will provide you all the way. It's the same thing with Augusta National Golf Course Tickets they also provide with all the information of events and cheap set has an access to get you there. For more information call this number down 1-708-535-8682 and start your inquiry. Place your order now and enjoy the opportunity of watching your most favorite games today !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love Water...

I am glad that I strongly refused to drink soda today. Me and hubby get up early and ate at Ihop. We had a nice breakfast with their famous pancakes. Before I get here I concentrated myself to drink water and even If I overdo eating I did not gain weights. I had no excess fats in my body and I feel good. No pimples and I had a better skin texture. Lately I am not feeling very well maybe because I have been drinking a lot of soda than water. Water is a good source of hydrogen and oxygen that's why it is labeled as H20. Water is very essential to our body to keep us hydrated. It is our universal solvent to help our body function well. Our body is made up to 2 thirds of  our weight. There's a lot source of water, we can commonly found water from the food we eat such as fruits, and even to soda. But the safest fluid to drink is water because it has no calories or preservatives. Our brain is made up of 95% water and 82% in our blood and 90% high amount in our lungs. Imagine if we don't drink water? Our body can not work properly without water. It is a virtual source mechanics to keep our body moving. Water regulates our body temperature, eliminate waste and alleviate constipation. Let start drinking 8 glass of water everyday to prevent disease. Its never been late...lets start it now!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Roasted Chicken Recipe

One of my favorite recipe to cook is roasted chicken. Roasting a chicken is not quick but it takes unless 3 hours...that's how I cook it. A little bit of creativity will bring your recipe elegant and more yummy to eat. I just figure out to share my recipe today so here's my ingredients:

a.. 1 whole chiken
b..  pieces of peeled garlic
c...cloves of onions pepper juice sauce
f...garlic salt
g...lemon grass

Marinate it for 30 minutes and put all the spices inside the chicken. Preheat the oven for 375 degrees. I don't use any kind of oil anymore because chicken produce its own oil. Cover your chicken with a foil to the over and after like an hour check your roasting chicken and brush it using the marinated sauce that you just used...