Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Did Not Hit Philippines

I am delighted to watch  TV Patrol news that Tsunami did not successfully hit Philippines yesterday despite from the huge threats. Philvocs and siesmology said the tsunami threat is now over. Thank God! The weather yesterday was great and there's no high waves occurred. Tsunami is very devastating and I am just so happy that my fellow Filipino and other countries are all safe.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Husband's New Hockey Betting Adventure

  • My family and most Filipino people are more fascinated of sports betting specially in boxing. Its a symbol of giving support and of course winning and losing some money. My husband have no experience to bet on sports, hes apprehensive to waste his money if he lose. But recently he asked me to try but he want a legit kind of betting. I search it online and yes I found a reputable sports betting online from

  • They are design to provide reliable group of wager online. One sports that my husband want to bet on is to hockey betting. Hes still at work right now and when he gets home he will surely feel delighted. He want to know a lot of things such as the rules and ways on how to bet on sports. Betting on sports requires mental attention. You need to learn if they are good enough to bet on.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Book Of Eli

When Book Of Eli was showed in the movie theater something deep inside dragged us to watch the movie. Indeed we watched it yesterday and surprisingly it was so amazing its not because I adored Denzel Washington but because of the thrilled story behind it. A man who walked by faith not by sight, a man who protect not himself but the future. I can't hardly believe that his blind of this movie. I was emphatically great story. How many of us overlooked the value of having a Bible anywhere in the house? I have noticed that most movie coming out is related to the events of apocalypse? Is this mean that the end of the world is near?

The apocalypse movie is very astounding, I like it so much and I will surely buy a dvd for this. Another movie that will englightened our beliefs and faith. I was moved to be spiritually inclined. My faith is strong but I need to be more stronger. He killed to protect the book from the wicked. For 30 years of keeping the book in a prestine condition, the book was taken and get to the wicked hands. But surprisingly, he restore it on his mind. Great Movie of the year I promise you!

Medical Teaching Course

Accordingly medical health care industry is in a huge demand. This is because of the rapid aging population. Most hospitals across the country is seeking for the most qualified medical professionals right now. My friends are in medical field and I was thinking maybe I need to do something different for my career. When it comes to education 99% provide efficient and sufficient learning environment.

But I have this comprehensive school that is equipped with all the new advance technology today. Oxford medical are virtually design to provide quality training and career development. They have medical teaching course with a very competitive practise. They help people to find their expertise and find a job. They have the most skilled professionals that teach any individual that are essentially interested.

They also have this teach the teacher course program, medical teaching course for doctors with explicit training and medical teach the teacher course for doctors. They are also focus on medical interview skills training. This is to help you to have an advance for your job medical interview. Its very competitive indeed and I must say I found the right school for me.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Satellite Internet

My internet connection is killing my writing task to do. I am starting to run some errands because my connection is annoyingly slow. I was in the middle of submitting my task and the internet went off, It was horrible. Since am tired of this situation, I asked my husband to finally change our internet provider.

Finding the right one is daunting. I have no idea what to get since every company is claiming to be the fastest internet provider. Good thing I found wild blue satellite internet that provides the most fastest internet today. They are design to give service even to rural areas. You're connection will be as 30 times faster than the other and clearer as the sky.

Our internet is very essential to our everyday stuff. We pay bills online, I blog different articles and use it as way of communicating my family across the country. I can not afford to have a slow connection anymore. With them my connection will be will the fastest speed ever. They are also economical, we don't need to pay more charge compare to other provider.

 Unlike my old internet provider, my connection can not endure to download music, videos and even pictures, But guess what I can automatically download any videos, pictures and music without affecting my connection. Its remarkably cool and I have no regrets of choosing wild blue. Hurry!

Day Off

Its husbands day off today and we got up early but still feel sleepy. He went to the living room and after some minutes I find him sleeping in the couch lol. I asked him what to do today and he said his side is aching. Hmmmm sign of aging or maybe its because his kidney is acting up. I have been telling him not to drink a lot of soda and his minimizing it i think. I feel little lame and cold I don't know if we are going out or not. I think I need to give him a nudge to get up and have fun lol.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top List of Cars That I like

I had a blast last week for passing my driving permit. That means my next goal right now is to start twirling the steering wheel and learn to drive thoroughly. My husband told me to start looking for my car and geese I found the most comprehensive cars in carconnect. They are designed to give the most finest car in the world that provide fuel-efficient and great performance cars today.

They have the most latest car model in the car market . One of them is chevy aveo, audi s6, mazda mazdaspeed3 and volvo s40. When it terms of style and production they have the most diverse one. I like it a lot and am overwhelmed with so much excitement. My husband said, when you will have a car treat them as a friend and drive safely with them. Its emphatically true, cars help us in so many ways.

I can not wait until I could get my own car. I was wondering what will I get though. Maybe the sophisticated audi s6 or maybe the striking volvo s40 with enchanting antourage. I like all of them hmmm if I could only afford to buy all of those cars. Getting a car is daunting but I would say that with car connect, everything are quick and easy. Sometimes we want more proof that the cars we are getting are good enough. They have comprehensive reviews that we could read about. I am good with them so how about you folks?

With Snow

This is me and samantha after we had fun playing the snow outside. Me myself wondered what went wrong with my camera but I found out that its from the moist from the coldness of the snow. Before we went outside I felt that I would not like since it so cold, but surprisingly I did love it.

Snow is a master piece from above and it just so beautiful everytime it falls down on the tress and make the soroundings all white and create some formation.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rheumatic Heart Disease

My elder sister is in the hospital right now, she just woke up one day and she had shortness of breath. She also noticed that her face swelled up a bit. I called them today and the doctor diagnosed her of having a rheumatic heart disease. I had no idea of this kind of heart disease so i deemed to do some research.

Rheumatic Heart disease is a bad condition of the heart in which the heart valve is damage due to rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever begins with some strep throat infections that really affects many of body tissues and organ specially the heart, its an inflammatory disease.

Accordingly the best defense of rheumatic heart disease is to hamper ourselves from having a rheumatic fever. Rheumatic heart disease might be a lifetime illness if not treated right away. I used to have throat infections and geese it scared me when I read about the symptoms of rheumatic fever.......

Rheumatic Fever:

  • Fever

  • skin rashes

  • shortness of breath

  • small, nodules under the skin

  • chest pain

  • heart palpitations

  • swollen joints

  • fatigue
Strep Throat

  • sore throat/swollen tonsils

  • pain of swallowing

  • headache

  • vomitting, nausea, abdominal pain

  • fever of 101 to 104 F
I am very worried for my me to pray for her. Thanks

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Cousin's Quick Search

Most of us are running some errands, we often want a fast pace of thing. We tried not to intertain some room for delays. Tradionally we usually go to the library or get a newspaper to do our searches. And of course its very time consuming and literally it adds more effort to find what we want to find. I received a phone call last night from my cousin they are going to Atlanta, GA for their business. They will also go to Buffalo, NY and St. Louis, MO to get more clients. Along the way their car required them to find an auto repair. She told me to use one click with use of Folks am telling you opting their service is a huge help to everyone who needs immergency help. For just one click I was able to find the nearest auto repair where my cousin was at that time. Indeed it was such a good answer to their problem.

One Snowy Friday

Me and my daughter in-law had fun with the snow today. We had so much fun and we go outside and feel the cold breeze. We get along so good because she love to cook too. Last night we cooked a good dinner and she pretty much helped me. Yesterday we watched movies, go shopping and eat at tacos lol. I wish she will visit me often. I am very excited to drive, I was starting to learn now and eventually get my driving license soon. I am also delighted because I finally received my course by course evaluation too. Hmmm everything is happening now, I have a lot of stuff to do, am starting to get busy. I am impatient sometimes but learning to wait just proved me that everything can be done with perseverance and patience. (pls never mind the dates lol)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Believe In Thyselves

I have a very inspiring quote today to share. This is about being patient in our wishes and dreams. Sometimes we lost our confidence to believe that we could thrive and make it possible. The quotes that goes like this " be patient toward all the unsolved questions both in your hearts and mind; try to comprehend and love the un-answered questions yourself. Sometimes wait and hope is the answer of all the questions" Follow your heart sometimes silence is the answer. Today I regain my patience again and get back my faith that me myself can accomplish something big. I hope everyone will believe in thyselves.

My New Insurance Policy

Me and hubby are not delighted from our insurance provider. So we are seeking for a reasonable and reliable service that will fit to our needs right now. We are wishing to find the right one that will balance our finances. We want to acquire the best coverage including life insurance, auto and more. We want to have an insurance that will listen to our needs and understand our situations.

With this virtual paradise insurance our dreams to have a full coverage and reasonable policy will be at reach. If you happen to live in Connecticut, stop worrying because an explicit Homeowners Insurance Somers, CT  are now here with their service, don't go further and take advantage of this huge opportunity. Any Life Insurance Somers, CT and Life Insurance Tolland, CT are being formulated. We want every penny to be worth paying. Me and hubby are now delighted for this huge change in our policy, good thing we finally found the right one.

I Passed My Driving Permit Test

I am very delighted to pass my driving permit test. The choices are very tricky and close to each other but furtunately I passed a high score. I was grateful for my husband of supporting me, we started waiting at 10:45 am, and I was called for the test at 2:30 pm. It was pretty packed thats why, but still I feel very happy to accomplished my goal. Driving here in the states is a necessity, to have an easy access to go to work. Regardless of the distance, as long as you can drive everythig will be easy and flexible.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Math Tutor

Everyone aspires to have good and high grades specially in math. No wants to flunk the subject or have unpleasant remarks. I never flunk in math but am not really good at it. I acquired some tutorial classes every weekend and it was really a huge help. Traditional tutoring was teachers usually will come to our house with certain amount of time, or either way students will go to the teachers place. But since resources evolved so rapidly, the new innovative way of tutorial classes can now be acquired online. With the help of tutor next, our students will now have the easiest access.

They are revolutionary of acing any math subjects that you want to learn more. They have the best Online Tutor that the world of education can recommend. Right now you can avail Free Online Tutoring as part of their Math help. When I was still in school Math Tutor was really a huge ease when I find some difficulties on my math subjects. Having them as a Math Problem Solver in our studies can enhance our chances to have more quality learning.

My cousin acquired Online Math Tutor for her kids and the kids become more smarter and ready to answer their assignments and homework. Math Tutors Online is accessible and very reliable. Most students find it easy, fun and effective. If we have k12 to college students, lets help them to have some tutorial classes. Opting this kind of tutoring is worth any penny that we will spend.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tips On having a 1st B-day Party

First baby party is one of the most special event as a parent. I am so excited to have this kind of celebration in my own. Well i don't have a baby yet but I am trying to be prepared on what to do. The baby's 1st birth-day includes the following tips.

Number of guest should I envite...

  • Invite the most close relatives and friends and of course with some babies.

  • Never invite a lot of guest, keep in mind that it must be special and manageable and not crowded.

  • The main purpose is to celebrate the babies birth-day and not to entertain a lot of guest.
What kind of food should I prepare? 

  • It depends in your culture, Filipino culture served heavy meal. Lechon and birth-day cake is always in the main course.

  • Accordingly finger food are always easy and convenient to prepare specially for babies.

  • Have two different meal for babies and for parents. Babies must enjoy the food most.
When should we held the party?

  • Weekends is the perfect time to have the party.

  • Keep the party short, babies can not handle too much pressure.

  • Schedule it during wake times of your babies.
If you want more tips and ideas ask some friend and relatives to plan it out. Baby's invitation card must be send to the guest ahead of time so that they have enough preparation too. Make it simple and after the party is over spend time with the baby, both of you mom and dad.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Buy Gold

Investment is something to be learn first before venturing into it. One way to learn more is to acquire some investor kit from goldline international. They are specializing of providing the key on how to be successful with gold investment. Our market is on down-fall right now and to overthrow this crisis we need to do something to leverage our financial status. One thing that I certainly discovered recently is to buy gold and serve as an investment. Some people invest their money through cars but sad to say cars do depreciate. Every year gold prices are consecutively rising in demand. Hence investing our money to gold is a huge help to overcome global crisis. My family adored gold jewelry and we believe that if we collect gold, in times of decisive situation gold can turn into money. Me and hubby also learned that gold or precious metals can now be added to our IRA. We are delighted with this kind opportunity, I hope you guys too.


Proverbs 28:28 "When the wicked rise to power, People go into hiding; But when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive" When it comes to power, fame and prestige people overlooked the true essence of humility. Money is not the root of evil doings but the mans attitude altered towards money. Being too proud and much confidence of themselves of having such wealth. Not all change themselves but some does. Man have this level of mentality of strength. Wickedness is like a disease that hamper us to do good deeds. But remember the wicked will rise but fall and perish and the righteous will prosper. Humility is next to Godliness...I wish everyone has this character.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's Explore Argentina

Me and hubby was planning to get away to the beach. But with all the amazing beaches here in the states, finding the most pleasurable one is not easy to decide. We want to explore to a place that is lenient to our budget and carry the good package and deals.

Apparently we come across this wonderful and explorable place called explore Argentina. Turismo en Argentina provide explicit packages and amenities that is hard to find to other beach resorts. 

They provide reasonable deals that will perfectly fit to any ones budget. Hoteles en Argentina amiably furnished and elegant. Their accommodations are extra ordinary and amusing.When it comes to their Hoteles en Buenos Aires they provide good service and and their knowledgeable representative will guide you all the way.

For more information of thier Hoteles en Bariloche just one click and they will bring you to whatever information you want to know. Just stop worriying because they will manage your trip safely and secured. I can't wait to see their dazzling ameneties and finally see their lovely landscape.

Jeremiah 17:7

Jeremiah 17:7 "blessed is the man who trust in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him" I love this verse and the name jeremiah. Sometimes we overlooked Gods plan and question Him why not now... I need it now God. In some point of my life, I sometimes feel that life is unfair but Its a sin to despise Gods will. God prepareth something big for us in a perfect place and time. Lets just trust everything to Him and surprisingly sooner or later  we will  reap all the hard work and patience.

Trojan Horses Remover

I was scammed and my computer was encrytped with this unathorized spyware and trojan horse viruses. I spent more money just to eradicate this absolute registry in my computer. I am not a computer geeky so I was really agitated what to do. Trojan horses and spyware are one of the deadliest attacked that could harm our computer system.

Just today I found out  this trojan horse remover from cyberdefender company. They can remove all the viruses the protect our computer from the same occurrence. They are one of the most competitive company that will eliminate those malicious malware in our computer system. This trohan horses will altered all your important files and registry. But I was just glad that I finally found the answer.


My computer crashed down last night. I was so upset and agitated how this Spyware penetrated to my computer. Well perhaps my anti-virus is not 100% reliable. Indeed this malicious spyware successfully crashed down my computer and am here at the library not too comfortable using other peoples computer. Spyware is a malicious software that take partial or full control of other peoples computers operation. They will try to gather personal information to scam people. I despise people who created this spyware and live life fraudulently. Beware for this spyware...they are not pleasant at all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Daughter In-laws Ceiling Fan

My daughter in-law is getting married this April. Me and Hubby was wondering what to give to her as a gift. She almost have everything so I was really wondering on what to buy for her or for them.

Last time when we visited on her apartment, I noticed that her ceiling fan is broken. I can't think of nothing else but to buy her a new ceiling fan.

Well brighter place is better than dim right? So maybe that would be a perfect gift to the couple. I am very particular to the pricing and the products performance. 

Hence with all my effort I found Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. They provide high quality and wide variety of Ceiling Fans that produce incredible lighting.

I already know what I get and I will give her the Emerson Ceiling Fan, am pretty sure that the couple will highly appreciate it. 

This Emerson Ceiling Fan is considered as Eco friendly product with little energy consumption. That's very good they will have a new ceiling fan and at the same time they can conserve energy too.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


When we say change we anticipate that its the only constant and ironic thing to think about. Nothing in this world is permanent and varying. It always go through certain changes it might be on shape or character. Nothing will last forever, they said its a foolish thing to ask about everlasting because nothing and no-one will last. 

Changes take a huge effect to a two different personalities. Change to the people who lived in fear is extremely annoying to them, they are afraid and feel uncomfortable to acquire change. Change to people who lived in hope is extremely challenging and encouraging to them. Hope is their vigor to take change and live life way better.

You see... change depends on how people take it. Some  people love some changes to grow and explore life but some aren't. They are afraid to do change because they are too comfortable with their fences. I just feel that everyday is a chance of change in our lives with a clear vision of choices. A choice to do change for the better or to the opposite side of direction.

Friday, February 5, 2010

PC Remote Control

When we talk about remote it signifies distance. Remote control is commonly used in our television but I was amazed to know that the new innovative way of using remote control can now be applied to our computer as  PC Remote Access

I am new with this technology I did not know that there's a remote control for computers. Accordingly using pc remote control is fast and easy way today. This is vital in commercial businesses presentation. 

We can have a team viewer access and can actually remote your partners pc with in some seconds of time. Its highly innovated how this pc remote come to function. Wherever you are you can access your computer using this  remote control. 

My friend has some business enterprises online such as domains and web-hosting, practically she need this. This advance tool  is safe and has a security management. I told hubby about it and he told me that we will try and get one, well just out of inquisitiveness. 

We wanna try how this stuff are being used and enjoyed. They said its convenient and very reliable that even if your in the road, you can share some files to other computer by using the remote control.Sound very challenging to me...lets try folks!


Martin Luther said " All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart will certainly be heard, and will received what they will asked and desired. I really believe this, true faith can save us and realize all the impossible.

Based on my experienced I would say that sometimes my faith is trembling specially if I don't get what I want but I learned when we have faith we also need to have patience. We can't get what we want right away, something must be learned before we get it. Believe and trust God in all of our hearts and He will provide in the perfect place and time.

Housing Stimulus

Renting and paying our mortgage is way different. I was able to speak with one of the real estate agent here in Colorado and I learned certain good insights from Him on how to get a house.

The difference between paying the rent and paying the mortgage is this, when we pay the rent we are writing the check towards the company or to the sole condo/apartment owner. 

But when we are paying the mortgage we are writing our checks towards us. I think most all of us are fully-aware of the Housing Stimulus from the government, and I recently heard that they expanded it until April to May. 

First-time home buyers or anyone who did not purchase a home from the last previous 3 years can avail the $8,000 tax credit benefits. And 6,500 tax credit to those who lived in a current home for  at least 5 to 8 years.  Everyone is interested with this incredible benefits so hurry up now.

Coldwell Banker is providing the quick search for you to find the property, wherever you are in the United States. 

Accordingly every house that sold is another equivalent to one job opportunity. This is very vital to our economic recovery so to all qualified home buyers do it now.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Cousin's Kids Tutor

It is very rewarding when our kids received some good credits from their subjects specially in math. My cousin is a nurse full-time, hence she can not accommodate all of her kids home work or assignments. 

All of her kids are smart but since they are still learning they need some tutorial sometimes specially in math. Since am little aware about online tutoring, I suggested to check tutor vista.

They provide complete Math help with their level-headed Online math tutor. They are one of the most leading tutoring company today that provide Online math tutoring and Free online math tutoring

Sometimes our kids undergo some complex problem solving, with this Online math help everything will be answered 24/7. Right now they are offering Free online math help as part of their demo service. Isn't it amazing? My cousin find it very helpful so to those who are planning to get tutor online try tutor vista.

Apartment Ratings

Everyone would love to have their own place instead of living with their parents. Here in the states when kids reach 18 they tried to establish their own bills and stuff. 

Most of them stayed in their own apartment and have a job. I appreciate it so much because its a mere sign of independence and confidence.

Our apartments is our safest haven that's why getting one is a daunting task to do. We consider a lot of factors such as the service and the neighborhood. 

However with the help of apartment grade, finding the most cost effective apartment ratings would be light and easy.

My daughter in law is now starting to look for her own place, and I will surely recommend apartment grade. They provide unbiased proper reviews and information. They will assist you what is the best place for you and the reasonable price that you could afford.

Working Interview

What is a working interview? Most of the time we anticipate that after the verbal interview, the next step is to acquire the positive or negative result.

But now working interview was been included to visibly observed the potential candidate of the job. When I was applying for a teacher back home we called it demonstration.

Here in the states they called it working interview, this is the time where you're going to fasten yourself and show the best that you could provide.

You will work under the pressure if they will like you or not. This is also the time to establish yourself if this is really the job that you really want.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Window Flowers

Most of us are fond of  plants and flowers in our home, most of the time its a mere attraction to everyone. Also, flowers freshen up our busy moods and upsurge our energy, specially when they are flourishing.

Me and my family adored to plants and flowers, we have variety of orchids and other flowers at home. We even have variety of fruits in our backyard. But how about if we have no enough space, for instance if we live in a condo or apartment?

Right now we live in a condo and of course there's no backyard nor enough space to plant my adorable flowers. Til I found window box planters that are the ultimate source of any kind of window box for our flowers. I told my husband about it and He told me to order some window boxes .

Eventually I can display my flowers in our window or in our patio conveniently. I love to collect different variety of flowers and create a little garden window boxes too. That would be more exciting to have. I just love flowers at home, for me it signifies peace, love and beauty.