Friday, April 30, 2010

Dallas Homes For Sale

I went to Texas once last november 2009 and I like the state. I would say that Dallas airport is the biggest air port. My inlaws place was nice and I dearly like it. We are considering of moving to Texas to be close to my inlaws. I bump up with this comprehensive website that delivers extensive list of Dallas Homes for Sale on their Dallas Real Estate market.

They provide the most great deals on Dallas Homes For Sale that every one would love to have. Every one has a dream house to live and I can't wait to get my own dream house. Money is very tight now a days and so we go by to our budget all the time. But Realty service provide the best deals that is lenient to our scanty budget. Finding the right place and price is a daunting task but not no more. I surely tell my husband when he gets home tonight about usa realty service.

Dubai's Building

This is from Dubai one of their highest building ever made by the most talented and genius engrs. in the world. They are the land marks for tourism and entertainment today. Dubai is one of the most structured country that i've ever seen. They are structured like a coconut or palm tree.


Unlike before cancer illness is hard to cure and even diagnosed. But recent studies and reasearch shows that cancer can be treated and people can survive. When cancer becomes metastatic, everyone feel astray and discourage. But a living proof testimony from Paul Kraus inspired to a lot of cancer survivor specially Mesothelioma cancer. This Mesothelioma Cancer is very rare accordingly because it affects the sac part of our lungs.

This kind of cancer is due to excessive exposure to asbestos. Now most of us are not aware that asbestos can be a cause to cancer. Paul Kraus is sharing his experience on how he virtually conquer mesothelioma. Let us never lose hope to conquer cancer but let's use our resources to find the cure. Who knows you will be the next cancer survivor. Im inviting you to read his book, this is limited but free so grab this opportunity. Good luck!

My New Hobby

I am excited to take my piano lessons soon. I had piano lessons during college but I totally forgot about it. Now I can't wait to start to learn the chords. When I went to my friends house she has 5 guitars and I still remember the simple chords. I played the very first tagalog song that I learned. I don't dream to become a famous pianist but I only want to learn and play. I will make it as my new hobby and I think I can also use it as a resource teacher.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Friends Vacation in Myrtle Beach

I just spoke with my friend today and shes very happy that she passed her nursing board test. She told me that her husband want to celebrate the success and that he want to go to the beach. Of course I recommend Myrtle Beach Resort. They provide the best modern accommodation today. When it comes to food, they have plenty dinning options and leisure activities that will fit to your lifestyle.

Every one could settle and enjoy every second of their stay in Myrtle Beach Resorts. They are perfect to any of our relaxing but enjoyable vacation moments. They are very stunning that every one would love to have. They are boosted with a lot of extra amenities and breath-taking views in the ocean front. Again when it comes to their accommodation, Myrtle Beach Accommodations are explicit and outstanding. You can find the finest condos and hotel accommodation with them.

Myrtle Beach Accommodations are dazzling with surpises. You can have you're romantic get away or even big family reunion escapade. Their oceanfront provides the most creative ocean grill with a very delicious menu. While telling her about the place, my friend can't wait but starting to plan out what to do. I am excited for her and can't wait to see her pictures when they come back.

Fun with Girl friends

We had fun yesterday and some pictures that we had was so hilarious to see. A new found friend name anne was a hair stylist from david salon from cebu. I finally got a new hair cut again, I mean its still long but not long enough like before. We cooked a lot of food for lunch and of course all were filipino food. Christina at work also dropped by and had her hair done. I love my friends and I am always looking forward to see them anytime soon. Rebonding is our next goal hmmmm sound really really fun!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sea Side Resort

Another friend told me about Myrtle Beach Resort and I said I already know about this place. This place is one of the most cozy, and friendly coastline that is directly to the oceanfront. Its a sea side resort that is ideals for any kind of vacations. Resort in Myrtle Beach is amazingly design to have a pleasant stay. They provide a wide possibilities for your stay. They are the most refreshing place that every one would love. Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel is such a haven to most of all people. Their specials and packages are hard to bet to other sea side resorts. They also have wild life that we could enjoy with like their playing gracious dolphins. I can't wait to get my own vacation time and will visit this wonderful resort.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gift for the Dogs B-day

I am excited to see my girl friends tomorrow. Its lerios dog birthday and am anxious what to bring as a gift. I dunno what to buy lol, a bone? hmmmm some dog food? Geese I need to start searching. I am bringing my friend at the job and we both are excited. Back home certain area eat dogs as their specialty but here dogs are being pampered. They are even more special than people. I might go to petsco tomorrow close to our house.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oceanfront Where?

  • You wanna be close to the ocean this summer? Its probably sizzling with so much hot this summer specially in Asia right now. Most of them are flying here in the states to spend their summer vacation and go straight to the beach. Myrtle beach is located directly on the ocean thats why everyone are always coming back to spend their most memorable and convenience time with their love ones. They have condo's or hotels for family size and all sizes that you will decide to bring.

  • Spacious Myrtle Beach Hotel is one of the most comfortable place that you will treasure the most. They have the most enjoyable Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel in the planet. Their sea side special treat is just so perfect to every one. If you want to experience once in a lifetime experience escapades with your love one start checking now. Me myself love Myrtle Beach and am not gonna stop writing about this stunning beach. Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels are boosted with modernize and furnish furniture. You will probably feel like home with extra accommodations and amenities.

Cut my Hair or Not?

I do believe the saying that goes "beauty is always in the eye of the beholder". I called my hair as the modern rapunzel since my hair is freakin long right now. Every now and then I trimed it but geese my husband love to make it longer. I love my hair though am tired of combing it specially when I am rushing. I am skeptical what to do but I might go to the salon this week and have them cut it. My husband bought the right shampoo for it and in fairness my hair is black, shine and healthy. I don't want to disappoint him he just really love my hair long and black. Cross my finger because me and my friend was already arranged an appoinment but am not sure yet if I will go through the plan.

Myrtle Beach Amenities

  • Everytime we are in the beach we enjoyed to see the sunrises and sunsets in the coastline. We love the soathing breeze and the unbeatable cozy atmosphere. But not all beaches are boosted with such beauty. One of the most sumptuous beach in the planet today can be found in the heart of Myrtle beach. To avail Myrtle Beach Accommodation start checking on their unbeatable offers and surprises.

  • Myrtle Beach Accommodations are extra ordinary that you would not want to missed. Myrtle Beach Hotel is newly opended just last 2008 so expect more amazing amenities. Looking for a place this summer to get away with your family and friends? Don't go further but experience the modern ocean view of myrtle beach.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Third Driving Session

I can't wait until I could finally drive by myself. Its a way of independence and self-reliance. It helps to boost our self esteem and be strong. I must admit my confidence was weak. I don't really trust myself of making some discissions. But apparently I learned now that I need to trust myself because I am doing a good job. Telling myself like "hey you're doing good and am proud of you" is very uplifting and great...Now everything can be learned specially when we applied patience and perseverance. Lets never give up on something and always remember...If other's can do and achieve their goals, we do too...My teacher told me today that I am getting there and that I am figuring out very good. Thank God for the guidance and blessings!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Payday Loans

  • In this economy down fall most of us are running some errand to pay our bills. We tried to get ahead but it seems that its too hard to do it. Most of us run to the bank and tried to lend some money. But not all bank can accommodate to all our needs specially when our credit status is poor. Most of the bank or lending company are basing their approval to our credit standing. If we have outstanding credit score, then we will be accepted to get a personal loan.

  • But I come across moneynowusa company that are design to help people on their financial down fall. The good thing on this company is that they are protecting our personal information so no worries about revealing our accounts or identity theft. Right now they are the top leading trustworthy online payday loans that approve as quick as one hour. You just need to be a U.S citizen, currently working, own an active saving and checking accounts and you're good to go.

I miss my family

I spoke to my family last night specially to my mom and I was so delighted hearing their voices. I am working hard to bring my mom over here in the states and hopefully soon. I miss her so much and I want her to be with me. I am planning to take some vacation this year and I wish I could even just a week. For me thats a least time that I could do and spend quality time with them. When we are miles away from home we need to establish another home where ever we go though there's no place like home. I came from a family that we valued each other so much. And its just that am just widening my horizon right now to grow more.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fiberglass Planters

  • Our home will be more lovely to live in when we have some flower collection around it. It adds more excitement when we have some colorful and pretty flowers to look at. My friend at work invited me to her place and I was to amazed on her flower and fiberglass planters collection. Its very explicit collection that enchant me to collect too.

  • They have cuztomize fiberglass planter designs and one of them that I like is this Geo square planter simple pot. The company that manufactured this astouned kinds of fiber glass planters are in high quality and cost effective. If you are planning to get some fiber glass planter you can get them from online purchase. Visit their website to see what I am talking about.

CPR Completed

I finally completed the CPR and first aide training both for adults and child saving tips. It was such a very great learning experience when we know that we are capable of sustaining life. I am so excited to finally have my card two weeks from now, but our teacher said from the moment we passed the practical test we are already certified even if we dont have the card yet.

I will share some of the most significant to remember when we want to save someone.

  • Check if the place is safe, both the victim and the saver
You're a hero but Don't act like a stupid hero...some people think this is selfish thinking but we need to consider the safety for ourselves too. For example there's a guy whose cutting trees, when he saw his neighbor lying on the kitchen floor he help without checking it out. The door is open so he go inside the house and start saving the neighbor. He did not know that the victim was sofocated from the gas leak. Now after few minutes there's two victim lying on the kitchen floor.
  • Assist the breathing e.g. feel, listen and check the heart raise
  • Call 911
Yes we can sustain life but never forget to call the authorities or 911
  • Do the CPR and first aide
Apply what you learn and the right way to save.

Those are just few things that I learned and I have a lot more. This is not all about being a hero one day but this is about sustaining life to our love ones, friend and even to a total stranger along the way.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Debt Consolidation

  • How many of us are having some financial issues today? How many of us are having some undeniable debts? Before getting trap with debts, I am going to share this wonderful company that will assist and evaluate our financial situation with their credit counseling program.

  • When it comes to budgetting, am fair with it. Sometimes I overlooked my expenses and I guess I really need more budgeting techniques or else I will be fall to debts. One of services of their program is what they called debt consolidation service, in which they suggest and assist to manage your previous debts and recent payments.

  • This debt consolidation program is very effective since you will be aware annd learn how to track your spending and expenses. Sometimes we are all focus of saving money for fun but how about emergencies? With them they will help us to manage on how to be ready for our financial emergencies. Their credit counseling program will help us to be debt free and stable. Our goal is to have financial freedom and so lets start it now.