Monday, May 30, 2011

I love to go running

                                                              The article written by Guy Barnes

One of the things I love the most is to go running. It is not only something that I enjoy doing, but it is also something that keeps me in shape. I love the feel of my adrenaline rising.

I generally go running every Thursday. The routine is simple, and I hardly ever deviate from it. The first thing I do when I get off of work is go home and change my clothes. After getting into my running outfit, I set my home security alarm (ADT alarm pricing Berlin) before I leave.

Once I'm outside the door; I cannot wait to begin my run. The first thing I do is walk for a little while. It is very important that I warm my muscles up. In this way I make sure not to pull a muscle. After about fifteen minutes I stretch and begin to run.

I generally run for about 7 miles, and then turn around and run back 7 miles. It is a challenge, but when I finish I am satisfied with my workout. I think that running should be something that everyone does as a part of their weekly workout routine.

I honestly do not know what I would do if I could not run. It is a fascinating part of my Thursdays, and I will continue to do it; until I can do it no longer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

SMC Corporation for your own business

Hubby was been looking for another source of income. He is a business minded person and infact we are already running for our own janitorial cleaning service. Aside from making profit from stocks and other market trading services. We are also trying to find something else. When it comes to research, it is usually my job to dot it.

I come across smc corporation and they are pretty interesting. What is smc or specialty merchandise corporation? From the record, this company is generally a household business that will allow us to resell the products to make a profit. Sounds interesting to me becuase they includes variety of merchandise to resell and that includes jewelries, gifts, antique, decorations and other stuff that we can make profit of.

I am still learning how this business works out and if you happen to stumble on my site, you guys can check their website at  and read their smc reviews. On this recession times, we don't want to be faked and I guess we all know that there's a lot of hoax going on. To have more informations we can also check smc scam or smc corp scam and be more knowledgeable.

Memorial Day Holiday

We had a great dinner at Texas road house tonight. We went to a family friend and twas fun. I would say I had a very relax week end. I tried to get enough sleep and set back. I am having a very stiff schedules lately. Am I liking it? Hmmm I must say yeah! I remember 2 years ago, I kept wishing to be busy and here I comes. I have no right to complain since I wish for it. Hubby and I have been trying to settle our finances and it is really working pretty good. We always see to it that all the bills are being paid and we are not behind. I guess it's about keeping your budget in a right track. I am very thrifty but if you ask me if I love shopping? yes I do too. I just know what I need and what I want. I always weight things out before spending. I wish I was able to take pictures but I enjoyed playing with my friends 11 months little girl. She's the cutest and adorable. Anyways happy memorial day to everyone...might go window shopping or even grab some clearance stuff. Other country do not celebrate memorial day. So to those who has no idea, memorial day is a commemoration or remembrance to those who have died in our nation service and I guess only here in the United States celebrate this one. I am glad because I have a holiday off for this celebration.

Happy memorial day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let's Go Back to School

I really believe that education is very essential to accomplish. It is a knowledge that we gain and apply in many aspects in our life. I observe that in this recession today, blue collar jobs is hard. If we have no enough skills, getting a job is very daunting. I know someone who want to finish her studies and get a career and I told her it can be done if she will focus enough.

I told her that there's a lot of Online Universities today that could help us adjust our schedules especially when we are running a lot of errands. Just like me, I work 3 jobs and going back to get my masters is next to impossible. But not no more. I check online degree programs in education and I might get another degree that in line in education course or maybe just get my masters done.

I want to avail some student aid loans or what ever that could help me in my tuition too. Right now I am in the process of figuring out what is a good course for me. I am in the teaching field today but sometimes I find it boring or stressing. I guess I need to change some slate in the future and to change it easily is to have proper eduction. I might try to get a degree of human resources, who knows.

If you are looking for a federal aid college student finder then check this website tons of information are given. I guess it's time to get up and change our lives to have a better future. Our future is in our hands and with this online universities today that helps a lot of people to come to school online on their own time, it is a huge contribution to make the economy better.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Webhosting Hub

I have been running my own website for almost 2 years now. I own two domains and I used it as my personal portal for my different thoughts and expressions. As far as webhosting is describe, I really don't have enough understanding on the difference  running a domain and host a website. A friend was been doing a webhosting business and I am trying to engage into it too. But I guess I need more research and comprehensions on how to own and have it.

I found webhosting fan and they provide a hundred of webhosting companies of webhosting. It includes the price, reliability, features and support of the webhosting company. I am in a process of learning the webhosting business strategies and I am about to get my own web hosting company too. Yes it's not a joke I will end up owning and running a host a webhosting business.

They have top rated webhosting companies today and one the top list is the webhosting hub. Yes and they are cheaper but in high standard quality when it comes to service and reliability. I am a computer geek my husband says...but he don't know that I am still learning a lot of stuff. I wish I am maybe when I know to do webhosting.

Tsenelas The Last appearance Of AJ Perez

A very promising young actor has been missed to his family, friends and fans. Watch the video hope you like it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Find the most updated and successful training for medical courses today

Are you in the medical field that needs more updated skills? If your a nurse or even a doctor, I have found a very essential and helpful medical school that teach and provide updated training and new skills in your field. They specialized to train medical interview skills training, medical teaching courses, medical management courses and more. I told my husband that I might venture to a different field, I am a teacher but I might like to work in the medical field.

Their demands are just high compare to teaching. In this kind of recession our employment possibility and accountability is stiff. We compete and we need to be competitive. We need to be more updated as much as possible to have an edge to others. It's not easy but it can be done.

I check some related course that they are offering and the following are: consultant interview course medical teaching course medical management course and  teach the teacher course. I have a bachelors degree in teaching and on this following courses that they offer, it is in line in my field of expertise too. I guess I would love this courses.

Forex Balikbayan box

I sent a balikbayan box through forex last march 16 2011 and finally my family received the box today may 14th 2011. It was more or less two longer months when they eventually have the box in hand. I was wondering what cause the delay es but I guess perhaps our home town is the last municipality of Bakidnon. But almost two months? geese that was a long time to wait. Everything was in the box but the spanned of time that they waited is really too much. But anyways I am just glad that they all like it and they finally have it. I have another box to send and I guess I will send it again in the same company. I hope this time it will be faster.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

School Lockers For Our School Employees

At the job that I work at, we don't have lockers. Every classroom has closet where we could put our purse and other stuff but It is very limited and unsafe. We always tried to close it but who knows we just hang the keys close to the door, we all know kids are sneaky. I told my boss that perhaps if she could have an employer lockers that would be better to all of us. She was considering it and she thought is as a good idea. Since her schedules are as stiff as ours. She asked me to search about it. If I could find a company for lockers. Oh yes! I know that's why I suggested it to her.

 I found it to locker xchange store online. They have the widest selection of residential and commercial lockers to the Internet. Yes Internet and this is very easy and quick to make an order. Next Monday I am going to tell my boss or directors about this lockers company. Finally we will have employee lockers or school lockers for us. I can bring different stuff without worrying about it. You can customize your own lockers if you want it. I guess their lockers are steel lockers, I am not sure but if your interested try to stumble on their website. They provide comprehensive details about the things you need.