Monday, January 31, 2011

Surf Boards

My girl friends were inviting me to join with them this February. Every winter they have been going to California or Hawaii to do surf boarding. I consider this as a fancy sport because getting all those Surfboards are quite pricey. I get interested because this would me a good sport for me to consider while the winter is stopping us to enjoy. I told hubby about it and he said not all surf boards and gadgets are expensive. I patiently search a store online and I found "surf board set" store online that provides extra affordable and extra quality surf board gear, accessories, apparel and more.

I want to buy a quality one and most of the time I always go the the brand and good thing they are featuring their most quality brands. They are also having a contest and whoever wins will have a $500 shopping spree. I will try to join who knows I might win and will not spend more for my surf board gears. I remembered one of the movie that was all about female surf boarders, that was amazing stunt. I can't wait to learn though I might need sometimes to learn all the steps and balancing.

If your looking for a set of surf board gears, accessories etc. don't go farther but check the same online store that I found. We can learn from each other if you are an amateur surf boarder player. I am ecstatic and I can't really wait. Good Luck for me!!!!

My Personality

Do you know what kind of personality do you have? I met people that I thought they are genuine. But they are just phonies and wearing a mask. I guess words are not enough to define the true color of the person. Some people speak the goodness of their heart, but they are very poor on their actions. They know the path of righteousness but their works are way disappointing. I guess people are just people regardless of the race, culture and religion. We thought that if someone is going to church regularly, they are more genuine compare to none church goer but we are wrong. We all have agencies to choose which path and what choices do we need to pick. For me people has several personalities but all I can say I know who I am and am lucky to recognize my personality. Not perfect but not messed up either!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kia Cars

My sisters first car is KIA sportage from Korea and I love her car a lot. It was loaded with some high tech stuff and fully equipped. Kia is a good car in Asia and I was very surprise when I found that KIA is also one of the best cars here in the states. Based on my sisters experience, her kia car was been very reliable to her family. Its a family car that provides them good service. One of the New Kia Dealer here in the states that I know can be found in the state of Chicago.

Kia dealer in Chicago provides different sumptuous and luxurious Different Kia Models. They also have Kia Oil Change service that is very essential to have. Since we as customers set our high expectations, the River Oaks Kia Chicago dealer are very sincere to contribute and impart their excellent service to us. Their Kia selections are just the best from brand new to used cars kia. Their dedication and enthusiasm to provide excellent service was been proven so don't hesitate to try.

Best Organizer

I love interior designs and remodeling house designs. Our condo is just right for us and once a month I change my bedroom and living room arrangements. One of my friend said that I need to get some courses in interior designs. I love keeping my house in a new designs, new arrangements. I love my place with new interior stuff. I guess it would a be a great opportunity if I will try another set of career and that is to become a home interior designer lol. Hmmm crossing my fingers, that might happen because even at the job my boss acknowledge me as the best organizer....New award...Best Organizer of the year! yay

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Printer Ink

I have been printing a lot of paper works and so I need more ink for my printer. I need to find the most affordable and cheap ink online. I am running a lot of errands and I can't afford to go to the regular store. My time is very tight and precious. I was been browsing to find inkjet cartridges and other stuff for my printer. In a regular store printer is a little pricey but not in the ink grabber store. They are very economic and reasonable. We can shop by brand and can select whatever we desire to have. A little background of the ink grabber store is that they are the top leading and top seller of printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, fax cartridges and more. Their products are in high quality. If you want to save your time and money then check this out. They are also offering discount codes or new promotions every week so don't missed it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girls Dresses at Tea Collections

I am still shopping for more stuff in my balikbayan box. I have few nephews and nieces that requested me to buy imported clothes and other merchandise. It is easy to get mens stuff but a little complicated to get girls dresses but good thing I found tea collection store that provide a wide variety of different clothes. Their fashion is updated and and their designs are extra ordinary.

The store provides baby girls clothes, boy clothes, and even women clothes. Their fabrics are fabulous and they just so great to buy. The good thing of having this online store are very reliable and easy. We can have modern tees and other casual dresses for our girls.The good thing of shopping with them too is that we can help to share and support the global funds for children.

There's an interesting part of this shopping because when we connect to 5 of hour friends we can avail to get 20% on our entire purchase before and after January 27th 2011. They will also give me 10% off in my first order. Geese its a huge discount folks...

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dreams are something to be work hard not something to be given freely. All the things that I achieved was not given freely. I worked hard for it before getting it. When other people are experiencing an easy life I wonder how they appreciate the blessings. I have a good life but I work for it. I savor all the moments to be happy and be successful. I love watching real life stories especially to those people who thrive hard.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fiber Glass Planters For My Dream Garden

I grew up with a very beautiful garden in our home. We have tropical weather and so we don't need to worry about winter. Here in the states we need to have some set of fiberglass planters to keep our plants in good shape. I am tired of having this fake flowers in my patio and windows and I need a real one. Eplanters company are just so perfect for any weather that we have here in the states. I believe that flowers are just so fascinating to have in our home especially if we have the perfect fiberglass planter for our plants.

 If you need some fiberglass planters for your plants then start browsing now. We can have a little garden in our home regardless of our weather condition. They also have wide variety of designs. They have this basket weave planters in traditional copper glass that I like. I have several of them that I want to buy but I am saving some money to shop at least a dozen of them. I can't wait to have my little pretty garden. I promise I will save some money to get a set of fiber glass planters to realize my dream garden.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bahay Kubo

Filipino Folk song "Bahay Kubo" was sang in a choire competetion in New York last year 2007.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CBS College Sports

                       Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

CBS College Sports is my favorite sports network. CBS College Sports has the experience and knowledge to properly broadcast a sporting event. A lot of smaller sports networks such as the Versus Channel do not have the same budget as CBS does, and it shows. CBS College Sports generally has more cameras angles available during the airing of a college football game then do other sports networks that air college football games.

I watch CBS College Sports on Satellite TV specials. CBS College Sports is also adding original programming that is sports based. College Football Confidential and Inside Academy Football are two behind the scenes shows that you will not see on any other network. My family hates watching sports, but they will happily sit around and watch College Football Confidential with me. I think it is a neat thing when a sports channel such as CBS College Sports can gain new viewers that are not even sports fans.

New programs such as Inside Academy Football are not only bringing in non-sport fans to watch, but it is also helping some of these people to gain an appreciation for football. I like a lot of the sports they broadcast on the CBS College Sports channel, but I like the original programming that takes you behind the scenes. These shows give me an understanding of the players and coaches that I never would of received without the show.

Fasting For Spiritual Strenght

Have you experience to do fasting? I have starved myself for several times but I haven't done fasting for spiritual purpose. I have been having a lot of worries, stress and issues lately. Sound like life dramas and I need to refresh myself from getting worn out from it. Last Sunday in our relieve society for women we discussed about fasting as a way of sacrifice to straighten our relationship to God.

I am excited to do it soon. I learned to be happy and let go of my worries but sometimes I get carried away. Good thing because church help me a lot to be more stronger. Fasting is a way of conquering our self weaknesses. Its abstaining our self from eating food and drinking any liquid. Its a 24 hour sacrifice of fasting and praying. I am so excited!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home Depot Coupon Code

I knew some techniques and ways on how to save some money when it comes to shopping but those tips aren't work that well. Being wise and vigilant to the prices is a key to save some money but there's tons of ways that I just learned today. Since every store are claiming that they are the most convenient store in the market, it might be online or regular store, collecting coupons from them are the best good resources to deduct the actual price and avail the most appreciating prices that we deserve.

Hubby and I are in the stage of figuring out what the best furniture and other household stuff in our house and we believe that home depot is one of the store that could help us. Home depot has home depot coupon code that provides the best deals and discount prices that we could avail today. Me and hubby are just happy because home depot give out this kind of opportunity and advantages. We just started our own business and we might need more computer resources and good thing we found the best deals for us. I will not think twice nor go farther to look for the stuff that I need. I will definitely just get the coupon and save money....

New Year's Eve plans without the planning


                             Guest post written by Kendra Carter

Over the past couple of years I've either hosted a New Year's Eve party or helped one of my close friends host their own, which meant that I basically served as a co-host. But this year I decided that I would let the planning fall on someone else and just go to some event at a club or bar for New Year's. There are lots of bars that had a cover charge including champagne for New Year's Eve and I've been looking through a few different ones on their websites to finally pick one that I'm going to.

I really can't believe some of the places that are charging a lot of money just to go there for New Year's because some of these places definitely aren't worth paying half that amount to get in. When I was looking up that stuff a few nights ago, I came across the website and I read through most of it. After that, I showed it to my roommate and we signed up for a service on there.

I think that I might just opt for the NYE party at my favorite club because I know that I'll have a good time there.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Metoprolol For Your High Blood Pressure

My mother was been maintaining her medicine for a long time. She has heart problem and high blood pressure issues. Anything that is good for her is my goal. But recently my other older sister is suffering high blood pressure too and a little heart issues so I wonder if she could take the same medicine that my mom is taking. One of the medicine my mommy is taking is Metoprolol oral tablet that helps my mom's heart to function normal and to make the heart beat regularly.

 This oral medicine metoprolol was been proven and tested that it works especially to my own mother but we need to make sure that it will work to my sister too. As I learned that metoprolol is not advisable to some illness conditions such as liver disease, kidney problem, heart problem, when your pregnant, when your breast feeding and more. But as long as you follow and talk to your doctor about your condition, everything will be fine. Try metoprolol a beta-blocker that will your hear function good!

Happy Sunday

When I woke up today I was surprised, everywhere is white....but before that I wonder why my nose is stuffy, and its dripping. So I was like it must be cold outside, it must be snowing and yes it is. I need to go to church today and I can't drive, am not just comfortable to drive while its snowing. But I won't let the snow stop to get my Sunday's dedication. It's the only day that I can dedicate my hours completely to the Lord. Rain or shine i will go to church today. I just hope the snow will slow down. Its very inconvenient driving on the slippery road. I will ask my step son to warm-up the car ahead of time. I don't to shiver from the coldness, it makes me sick!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Gold Investment

For the past decades the value of good transcend to a very special worth. The value keep increasing and the market of gold uplift the bank of our investors. For this success gold coins gain introduce us on how to profit and make money of collecting this precious gem or metal. This form of collection provide enevitable success to any of us and they want to share it to people who don't know about it and am one of them. Aside from having it in our hands collecting gold can be more interesting by putting it in our retirement.

One of them is gold IRA or IRA gold investments. Hubby and I has one retirement plan right now and we definitely need more investments for our future. Aside from IRA gold we can also have gold 401k or 401k gold in our investment plan today. Now if you want to be secured to your future use this plan and transform your investment through gold IRA transfer. I invite you to read about gold investment and let's have a good investment in our future.

Internet Cafe

I watched Maalaala Mo Kaya today and the episode was about Internet. Internet was been a revolutionary help globally. We don't need to write and deliver it for weeks to our love ones miles away but one click in the Internet, our emails will be there. We don't need to send pictures but we can vividly see our love ones cam to cam or download our pictures in the computer and send it online. Internet dating was been a famous activity globally. But some people use it to make money. The new episode of maalaala mo kaya was a real situation that opens my eyes that i am lucky. The story was about a married woman chatted online to get some money and provide her kids a better life. She took the consequence and that is to be separated with her husband. The story was overwhelming and sad story because of poverty.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Children's Favorite Animated Christmas Special

                                 Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

Ever since my children were young, I have always played all of the Christmas specials that are on each year. We sit and watch them on our direct tv and enjoy them very much. My children debate each year over which of the animated shows they like best. John and Susie love to watch Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer while Becky and Jimmy love A Charlie Brown Christmas. They all enjoy both of them, but, they do seem to have favorites.

Secretly, I enjoy watching A Charlie Brown Christmas myself. This show has been seen by millions of people each year for over thirty years. This is just one of the many Christmas classic animated shows. The old shows seem to be the most loved I guess because of the nostalgia they make us all feel. It reminds us all of the days when we were young and the Christmas' we spent with our families as children.

My sister and I used to have the same debates that I hear my children having each year over these shows. Her favorite was always Frosty the Snowman and mine, as it is today, was always A Charlie Brown Christmas. I guess things never change. I asked my sister recently if her children debated their favorites each year and she said that they did.