Sunday, January 29, 2012

Preparation for my random events

I am hosting a huge baby shower next week. We will held the venue in one of the nicest hotel here in Colorado. We invited a lots of guest and this will be fun. Only thing that I am worried about is how to make it more organize and smooth but with the help of some of my friends this party will be successful. I figured if I could order a costumise logo mats and a logo canopy and add as an accessories to the event. I found this stuff at one of the  trade show carpet event online.

My husband and I are trying to plan for our own business. He is a chef cook for a while and it would be nice to open our restaurant business. We will surely need some customize banners and other accessories to add it in our restaurant display. To any of your trade show needs I am suggesting you to visit what I found. Different and amazing ideas are given and you will be getting a lots of ideas to acquire to make your event to success!

Lame Sunday

You can't believe it, until now I am still trying to figure out the US bills. I am not slow in math, I can count perfectly or I can do my math very good. But US bills are just confusing. The dime is bigger than the penny and geese it drives me nuts. I want to work at the bank and will try to deal with money but that would be nerve-racking. I need to be more familiar of this bills first and i will go from there. I am  supposed to go to church today but I am not feeling that good. I had a terrible headache last night probably because I'm in my period. Happy Sunday everyone! Good choises start with positive views. Let's make it as a habit and live what is right.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Design on a Dime

                                              Guest written by our friend Trent Horton

I recently moved in to a new apartment which is awesome because it has a ton more space than my old place did. The only problem it costs more than my old one did and so now I am on a budget. When I move somewhere I like to make the place look nice immediately. I don’t want to wait six months to be able to make it look nice. Recently I found a show on my direct TV guide called Design On A Dime. It is a whole show that is centered around designing your home on a budget.

This is perfect for my situation right now because I need help with design and I want to do it on the cheap. They make suggestions like framing paper or getting fabric samples from a local fabric store and framing those as art. It is a really cheap option to buying art prints because those can get really expensive. This way you can also match your current d├ęcor with cute patterned or printed paper in inexpensive frames.

Italian Ship Sunk

I was stunned when I saw the news about the capsized cruise ship accident. There are a lot American in the vessel and it was really bad. The ship sunk so quick when it hits to the reef. Until now the rescuer where trying to find any body underwater. They called this ship as an Italian Titanic and owned by an American. Accordingly there are still a lot of bodies trapped inside the ship. Until now nobody could certainly explain why this boat hit the rocks that causes the vessel to sunk. It is a terrible tragedy that happen very sudden. A lot of the passengers where just trying to have fun and spend quality time with their love ones but sometimes accidents happen. The rumors where spreading that the captain already abandoned the ship early before the ship sunk to the ground.