Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rick Sanchez-Someone who Actually Cares about our National Conversation

                                  Written by my friend Teodoro Martin

A news program should be more than about giving information. The news reporters themselves must be full of personality and passionate about the news. That's why love to watch “Rick's List” hosted by Rick Sanchez on CNN every day. His introduction statement says it all: “This is your national conversation”. He cares very much what is on the mind of viewers, and loves to receive our emails and tweets.

Rich Sanchez is never one sided in his views. When there's a major political issue, he presents both sides equally. For example when discussing the controversial immigration law in Arizona, he-though being Hispanic, fairly presented the facts and allowed people who represented both sides of the issue to discuss their point of view openly on his show. In the end, he always leaves it up to us to decide for ourselves what side we choose to be one. He is truly one of the most respected news anchors in television.

Another segment of Ricks List I enjoy is “The Most Intriguing Person”. That segment presents someone in entertainment or politics that does or says something very contoversial. My favorite segment on Ricks List is “Foto Del Dia” which presents a picture or video of someone doing something crazy or extreme. I'm smarter because of Rick Sanchez. That's the show I love to watch on the satellite TV I got with TVByDirect.

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