Monday, June 20, 2011

Looking For A Carpet Cleaner

Our new house is almost done...It was a forclosure house so we need to change the colors that we like even the carpet. Changing carpets is expensive and not easy. We need to paint the whole house first before changing the carpet. I thought changing carpet is easy, well now obviously is not. We need to measure the square footage, buy the padding's and pay the installation fees. Geese that's a lot of work.

My friends told us to just hired people that will clean the carpet thoroughly. So far we found Austin carpet at and they do a very excellent job. Me and cousin bought a house almost the same time but she's from Texas. I told her about it and the closest branch of this carpet company that pretty much close to her address is located at Carpet Cleaning Onion Creek.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Home With A Jacuzzi

We finally got the house officially. I got the house key last Thursday and officially signed the papers. I can't believe I just bought a house in less than 3 years of being here in the states. Anyways our new home has hot tub at our backyard that needs cleaning and a little touch up. I found pcpools that provide different pools supplies that you need. For instance is if your pool needs a pool covers then your in the right place.

If you want to save and at the same time own a good quality pools accessories then this is your chance to have it. Our hot tub just need some sanitizing system and some cleaner equipments since I don't want to use it without cleaning it thoroughly. I am excited to move to our new home and enjoy being a home owner. I can definitely invite my family to visit us and not to worry about enough rooms for them. I am excited to the whole house and have fun in our jacuzzi this summer.

Happy Father's Day

It's a happy father's day tomorrow. I am very excited to get something for hubby. I know that he is expecting for something and I can't afford to missed it. I have a very stiff schedules. Aside from working 40 hrs a week and do cleaning at night and over the week end, we are also renovating our new home that we just bought. We are packing up our stuff and start cleaning up too. There's no near to find time to go shopping in the mall.

As I always do my best last recourse is to shop online and again online store never failed me to provide the best and reliable store that I need for this fathers day special event. I found sees store that provides different gifts of candy that daddy around the world would love to have. They have some costume made accessories too that is amazingly made by them. One of them is lollipops candies and father's day mugs that I am considering to get for hubby. Me and my friend just called me and she want us to go to the mall. But I hesitate to go since I found the one that is perfect for hubby.

To all father's Happy fathers day to all you!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tickets Available

Summer is drawing near and I want to get some vacations. To get away and have some fun. Work is work and its not easy to get some vacations right away. The perfect season that I see is this summer. I am not going out of the country but I guess out of state. I haven't enjoyed traveling and see the other cost of the country. One of the shows that I am considering to watch are Denver Broncos, green bay packers, Dallas cowboys and more.

When it comes to my ticket reservations, cheap ticket is my first choice. They are the most affordable and reliable ticket store online. On their website they provide the list of upcoming events and that will give us more easy options. Right now they have Buffalo Bills Tickets, Chicago Bears Tickets, Dallas Cowboys Tickets, Denver Broncos Tickets, and Green Bay Packers Tickets that are available to get. It is very exciting to watch this shows and enjoy while out from work. Are you planning to get away and watch your favorite shows in live? Check cheap tickets then...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scrubs Sets For My School

One thing that I admire about working in the medical field is their scrubs. I find it unique and comfy. My school use scrubs especially in our infants and first step classroom. Every time I visit this classrooms, they always gave me scrubs to keep my clothes clean. It    really helps though from blow-ups, drawling and other baby accidents.

My school is accepting any donations of scrubs and I am planning to donate some scrubs sets for them. I barely assigned to work with babies but I really love using scrubs while working. I will just order at and they have the most finest medical and nursing scrubs today. They have the best quality and affordable price provided to us.

I am considering to go back to school for nursing. That's one of my plans in the future. If your looking for some scrubs with quality fabrics then don't go farther.

Music In Air

I was wondering where's Sheryl Cruz today. She was a sensational singer in the 80s. I love her songs and her movies with romnick sarmenta. As I browsed you tube I found some of her songs and I love  listening to it. I also found a new canadian singer Martha Joy whose rising in GMA as a new sensational singer too. I love Vina Morales, Tina Paner and most of our filipino singer. I love music but I don't have a good voice lol. Our filipino singer are just so talented. Not all them shine forever but their songs will immortalize them. It keep them alive and played in the air. I love music and my dream is for my child to love music too since my husband recorded his own hip hop music. That would be tight! filipino rapper/ballad. Can't imagine the outcome lol! Indeed music feeds my soul when it became weak. I just turn my radio while driving or get into utube when I am home.

De Traduction... learn it from translia

I always wanted to know and learn different languages. But of course I find it difficult and I usually can't finish my learning. It is good to be bilingual because it helps us to get a better chance to find a good job. There are so many factors why I like to learn different languages. Last year I was so worried on how to translate some of my Filipino subjects into English. I know how to translate it since English is my second language but I just don't want to missed anything because that will reflect to my transcript of records.

Anyways I found this fastest online translation service that operate 24/7 a day. You can submit your credentials that needs a translation and they will take care of it right away. If you want a guaranteed result then acquire their service. They have been proven and tested by time. I like their lines you have needs, we have solutions" it's a tight line that capture my attention that this translation service online is unique and good. Words from France that I learn is service de traduction that means translation service and √úbersetzungsdienst in German that means translation service again. In my Filipino language translation service in Tagalog is translasyon serbisyo. Now I share about Filipino...