Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Locking Mailboxes

Today we complained about our open mail box, we was wondering what went wrong. We need a quality and secured locking mailboxes that protect our mails. I searched some quality and affordable mail boxes online and found mail box xchange that delivers a wide variety of locking mailbox and lockable mailboxes. Today we need to ensure that everything in our mail are safe and protected. There's a lot of identity theft and scammed going on. Some people are really into this shady business. I just made my order and am waiting for it to finally get to our place. We had a temporary mail box but as soon as my secured locking mail box will arrived, I will surely replace it. Can't wait to have my new one and have some peace of mind.

Randall's Cunningham's 2 Year old was found drown in the backyard hut tub

Randall Cunningham's two year old son was drown on their family hot tub. The un named woman discovered the two year old floating on the backyard hot tub pool and tried to applied CPR. Randal Cunningham is a former Philadelphia Eagles player. He was not home at the time when his two year old had the drowning accident. The police investigation report acclaimed that it was merely an accident and there's no fowl play. Randall Cunningham is an ordained minister and a pastorson their local church and her church family was so sad of the said incident. For them the baby is a church child's. Christian Cunningham "the two year old that was drown" is the youngest of the four children of the Cunningham's family. Its a sad news but my question is where's the mom? or even the nanny? How could they let him play outside knowing that there's a water in the backyard? Sigh its sad and I feel devastated to read about this news.

Courtesy of "Hunter Martin, Gretty" for this beautiful image........

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tower At Myrtle Beach

Bringing you in the splendor towers at myrtle beach. The place where you can instill some treasured memories with your love ones. A breathtaking views that anyone would love to cherish. The place that delivers adventures and excitement to all of us. They have this amazing website at that shows desirable offers and services. This myrtle beach is phenomenal and explicit with dazzling with surprises. The accommodation that touches your soul with their coastal air and the magical atmosphere of sea life. Let's experience being on the top of the tower and enjoy their sumptuous amenities. Each gentle touch of the coastal waves that gives fresh and cozy feeling that makes me so inlove on this wonderdul place. They are just perfectly design to entertain and give us the real meaning of relaxation.


Today scammers are all over specially over the Internet. They are in different mode, gender and professions. Most of them are dam smart and pretty. This days is just too dangerous to trust anyone in the net. I learned that the most common tactics that the scammer does is to ask you some money to get your information or even send you some merchandise to completely win your trust. I'm not an expert to know about their qualities but if you ever met someone who ask some of this following then...that should be a big red flag.

  • Do they asked you to send some money because their having a hard time?
  • Do they asked you to give your information because they will send you some stuff?
  • Do they asked you about cashing out some money, money orders for any reasons?
  • Do they asked you to give your credit card information to some reasons?
Some are too genuine in the start and act like a friend. But how could we trust someone that we meet in social networking? NOOOOOOOOOOO am not dam to believe that...Nice try and you know who you are...Be grateful that I don't report you in your local police...Just stop it!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rhode Island Insurance

Are you planning to change or update your auto insurance policy? Have you heard about Podmaska Insurance company? Guys a good news for all of us is here. We are all aware that having a car carries car insurance too. But sometimes we end up mad and unsatisfied for some hidden fees and surcharges. But our worries are all over now because a company from Podmaska is helping us hand in hand anywhere from Rhode Island. This company will find us the right coverage and rates that fits to our scanty budget. Sound good and desirable isn't it? They are serving all Rhode Islands needs. They are covering to offer Rhode island auto insurance, Rhode island home insurance, and Rhode island business insurance. Stop wondering now and contact them today. Don't waste your money and time paying with those expensive insurances that you have. So if you're looking for some Insurance in the Providence, Rhode island area or even planning to buy your own insurance agency, guys you're in the right track. So I am suggesting you, check it now!

Nice Saturday In School

We had a grand time in school today. Many parents came with their lovely kids. Their some banquet of brunch in the table and some games to have fun with. It was not hot at all and geese I love the atmosphere. I met one Filipino with her family. They are planning to send their three year old daughter in school. They thought its expensive but guys quality education comes with a price too. The more facilities and resources are given the more money your going to pay. I wish they will decide soon because that would be great. Anyways...I have a good day today...Mabuhay!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

It's so hot my friends and one of my friend in Carolina is inviting me to bad and have fun in Myrtle Beach resort. I can't wait actually but I need a little bit to get some day off at work. My new sports that I am interested in is to learn how to play golf. Perfect! why because I myrtle beach or provide the most cozy atmosphere while playing golf. Myrtle Beach golf courses is very captivating that people would love to come back all the time. My friend told me that, she was been there for like 10 times already but her and the family never felt old being on this paradise. Myrtle Beach golf packages is very affordable and lenient to any one's budget. The grand strand area is amazingly design that everyone is loving it. Their archetectural design is very unique and highly condition golf course, that's why they are rank as the number 1 in the whole world. It is so hot and I can't wait to set back and relax on this wonderful beach golf resort today.

Family Day In School

It is family day week that's why parents, kids and teacher's will have fun in school tomorrow. I am excited to join since it's my first time to have fun with them. It is gruelling and hot today, accordingly the temperature was like over 100 degrees. Some people love the sun but I can't stand with it or else I will be very very sick. I just hope, that it would not be so hot tomorrow and I will enjoy the family day moments with them. Crossing my finger...I wish wish...the sun will sleep lightly as we play in the play ground!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tutor Next

Have you heard about online tutoring? We can obtained online tutoring to any of the most potential online tutorial classes today, but the most recommended is from tutor next because the provide high quality learning to k12 and college students. They help our students ace their assignments and math problem solving quick, easy and convenient. Opting their online service is very affordable, it's worth every penny that you pay. Online Tutor is very helpful specially if we the parent are too busy to accommodate all our children's needs. Before going to subscribe their service we can try their Free Online Tutoring and from there if we think its effective we can completely have their service. So if you need some Math help, don't go further and get Math Tutor for your kids. Their knowledgeable Math Problem Solver will help you all the way to solve your math problems. So check it now, get your Online Math Tutor or Math Tutors Online and help your kids leverage their grades.

Let's Wash Our Hands

Washing hands is one of the clean healthy tips that we need to practise all the time. In school we wash our hands like all the time. Germs can be anywhere that's why we observed some healthy tips in school and the following are:

  • Wash hands Before and after diapering
  • Wash hands before and after eating
  • Wash hands before and after going out to play
  • Wash hands before and after toileting
  • Wash hands before and after feeding the pets
  • Wash hands before and after gardening
  • Wash hands after touching money
Wash hands to get rid of the germs and bacteria...Its good to be clean and fresh

Monday, June 21, 2010


I was familiar of the word biometrics when I processed my US visa. This is a process of identifying individuals identity through fingerprinting. I had two biometrics experienced and that was pretty amazing and advance. I have read about other kinds of biometrics that can be done through voice biometric. I thought that biometrics can only be accomplish through finger printing but there is another way and they called it as voice printing. This biometric authentication is so unique and intrinsic. This will ensure and protect any business or establishments safe and secured. The company called vecommerce is virtually design to provide great levels of security to any establishment that needs thorough security. Bank, school and other security agencies are opting their service as they provide genuine results. One of their specialties is what they called ivr speech recognition on which everything can be truly detected and analyse. Check this out's time to learn the new innovative way...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guardian Income Insurance

We all aware that life is unpredictable. In Australia accident in the road is very famous. Accordingly more or less 14 males and 7 females die everyday due to vehicular accident. In line with this a company called guardian insurance built a very helpful insurance and they called it as guardian accident cover insurance. Preparing for this kind of insurance is healthy and significant. It's a way of protecting ourselves from any bad situation. They also have funeral cover and guardian income cover so that the family will be fully protected. Income protection insurance will ensure to keep your home, car, food, clothing and your children's education's future. A lot of people has some financial hardship after the accident, some survive but they can't work anymore. But when you opted the income protection, you are safe and no worries. Check this out...I think this is very important to have...

Welcome Baby Valentine

Another baby in Valentine's family...His so pretty, healthy and strong. He was 20 inches and 7.8 lbs... I am looking forward to have my own baby and that would be so great. The mom had to undergo cesarean due to some difficulties but nevertheless they both survive. It's a good job indeed! We welcome you in the family and you can always count on us no matter what! You deserve abundance of love care and acceptance...Your an angel!

Friday, June 18, 2010

JK Adams

Ive been married not too long ago so I have a lot of stuff that I will need to buy specially kitchen utensils. It's father's day and since my husband is a chef cook, I am figuring out what to buy for him. He loves to collect anything specially for the kitchen. I have found jk adams that delivers high quality products like jk adams wine rack, jk adams cutting board and many more. This company is also providing some useful kitchen furniture's. I would love to purchase solid cherry barbecue chart that is very ideal this summer. They also have pot racks that is made of solid and sturdy woods. They are also unique of providing entertainment set that enhances our home interior designs. Their customer service is very reliable and outstanding. I already called them about my order and they are so approachable and kind. Try it too!

Vasectomy Reversal

What is vasectomy reversal? Someone close to mine had undergone vasectomy and it was like over 20 years ago. Now he want to have another child and so interested to learn more information about the cost and the procedure. Vasectomy reversal is a procedure which allows men become fertile again. This kind of procedure is not easy and expensive. Most surgery cost like around $6k to $10k dollars. I have no idea about the procedure but all I know that its very complex medical surgery to handle. Mens most private part called testicles and scrotum is delicate and very sensitive and I read that you should not compromise and take chances of getting it done to just anywhere. To anyone who knows about this, don't hesitate to leave your message...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Stay in Avista resort

Summer is sizzling with hotness and we need some refreshing moments with friends and family. Two weeks from now we are heading to a resort and go for swimming. But the most exciting escapade that we are planning is to go to and this is not a new resort for everyone since everyone is wishing to get this place. This is one of the most tranquil but very energizing resort on earth today. This Myrtle Beach hotel is very captivating that everyone will enjoy and treasure each stay. This resorts in Myrtle Beach is considered as one of the most family beach resort today. They provide perfect accommodation and amenities. They are the most finest resort on earth that my friends and family will enjoy. To people who loves playing golf? Folks you can have your tee off on their most gorgeous golf course around. Please check it...this is very interesting and memorable!

My Internet Is Out!

I had a good job on my driving for the last two weeks and its pretty amazing. I am proud for myself... After I get off from work I called my friend if I could use her computer. I have a lot of task to do but since my Internet provider at home is not working well I can't get my task to be done. It is very frustrating when you are running some errands and your resources is out of control. When we get to her place she was sewing some clothes and pillow cases. She did a very good job...I know how to sew when I was in high school but I don't know if I could still remember it. Anyhow I am frustrated...hey am calling to my Internet provider please do something or else am going to switch off my subscription.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Paul Kraus Mesothelioma Survivor

My elder sister's business is about painting cars, and auto car repairs. I don't know what exactly they are using but I hope asbestos is not one of them. Millions of people are not aware of the asbestos hazards. People whose working at the auto shops, electricians, plumbers and other hard working jobs are not aware that they are using a very deadly substance that can cause Mesothelioma. My family aren't aware about this and I need to tell them to be more cautious of using this substance. Cancer illness is like a life dead end...but some survive because of their astounding treatment resources. One of the famous Mesothelioma Cancer survivor is from Sydney Australia named Paul Kraus. He was diagnose of having this kind of cancer and given only certain time to live. But miraculously this man survive. Now he came up with this inspirational book that delivers tips on how to cope up and survive from this gruelling illness based on his experience. Let's start to share this wonderful message that cancer can be cured. Check it out, this book is not a cure but a huge help to any of us who is suffering from Mesothelioma.

Baby Shower

What is the essence of having a baby shower party? I have two friends who will have a baby shower this month and its pretty exciting to be there. I haven't attended a baby shower party and its kinda new to me. I am anxious to see what is like about. Well I have an idea what it is but geese its more real when we are actually witness the party already. The essence of celebrating a baby shower is welcoming the new life as new member of the family. We are embracing the baby to this new world of him/her with love and care. There are certain steps to follow when hosting a baby shower. One of them is the theme for the party, you can base your theme from the baby's gender. Folks until now I don't know what to get as a present, I hope I can figure it out soon.

SEO Consultant

Are you trying to generate more leads and profit to your business company? I learned that global runners seo is specializing its service to augment our business online presents. This seo or service engine optimization will gradually market your business globally. Its being marked that there are millions of consumers are relying to search online. They buy and purchase different products according to what they can find right away. In other words what is more convenient and reliable on their searches. If your business name is being handled from globe runner, friends you are surely building your business venture into a high level of achievements. If you wanna more of the information you can call and talk to their most knowledgeable SEO consultant and you will be giving clear vision of the service. The good thing here is they are catering your business as their business too, so they are not just a consultant but a real business partner. With their company, we can find the the real professional seo that will help us get through to the market competition.

Summer Picnic

Doing picnic close to the lake is awesome. We had barbecue last week end under the grueling hot of the sun. Though its sunny I still like it because its windy at the same time so you can't actually feel the warmness of the weather. I wouldn't mind to go back and have fun again. Hubby had fun playing volleyball and in fairness his obviously good.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ozzfest Tickets

This summer camping, fishing, watching some special events like circus shows and many more. Events like this is usually first come first serve or even needs to get a ticket ahead or else we will be behind of the events. One famous ticket distributor can be found at cheapseat. One of my friends love metal performances and shes planning to buy Ozzfest Tickets soon. Me and hubby are fun of watching nascar and IRL events so we are also planning to buy CHICAGOLAND SPEEDWAY TICKETS but we need to check the time and schedules. Cheapseat is very affordable and easiest way to get a ticket today. They are very reliable in providing great service to all of their customer. There's a lot of tickets that they provide and one of them that my husband want to get also is the New Meadowlands Stadium Tickets. We are taking vacation this summer and I can't really wait to seat back, relax and have fun!

One Wednesday Morning

Good morning every one...I have some errands at the house but I need to update my blogs and say good morning. I am not feeling so well today and i think my sinus infection is bothering me again. I have like 4 minutes to say anything before I go to shower and get ready to work. I don't know what to say really, but anyhow I hope my day will be going healthy and productive. God bless everyone and see you later!