Saturday, August 14, 2010

Genuine Friends

True friendship are hard to find it requires enough time to know them more. It requires enough experience to dig their geniality. It requires significant experience how true they are to care for us no matter what. Trust are being earned not given freely. Constant bonding has advantage and disadvantage. Too much confidence of letting them know about our secrets or any details in our life oftentimes brings them to use it as their weapon to fight for us. I do believe that no man is an island...we need someone to interact with us in a healthy manner. People are having a hard time to find a real friend. But guess what friends can be found in our family. Most of the time they are the safest friends that we can depend on... in other words they are the most reliable one. As I said trust are being earned not given freely because it's hard to be comfortable right away and its too late to regret. I am glad I found some genuine friends in my life...I considered them as precious metals that worth keeping for. They are like gold and diamonds that the more we keep them the higher value they will get. I told myself I can survive without allies but once I have a friend I am steadfast for them.

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