Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CBS College Sports

                       Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

CBS College Sports is my favorite sports network. CBS College Sports has the experience and knowledge to properly broadcast a sporting event. A lot of smaller sports networks such as the Versus Channel do not have the same budget as CBS does, and it shows. CBS College Sports generally has more cameras angles available during the airing of a college football game then do other sports networks that air college football games.

I watch CBS College Sports on Satellite TV specials. CBS College Sports is also adding original programming that is sports based. College Football Confidential and Inside Academy Football are two behind the scenes shows that you will not see on any other network. My family hates watching sports, but they will happily sit around and watch College Football Confidential with me. I think it is a neat thing when a sports channel such as CBS College Sports can gain new viewers that are not even sports fans.

New programs such as Inside Academy Football are not only bringing in non-sport fans to watch, but it is also helping some of these people to gain an appreciation for football. I like a lot of the sports they broadcast on the CBS College Sports channel, but I like the original programming that takes you behind the scenes. These shows give me an understanding of the players and coaches that I never would of received without the show.

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