Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year's Eve plans without the planning


                             Guest post written by Kendra Carter

Over the past couple of years I've either hosted a New Year's Eve party or helped one of my close friends host their own, which meant that I basically served as a co-host. But this year I decided that I would let the planning fall on someone else and just go to some event at a club or bar for New Year's. There are lots of bars that had a cover charge including champagne for New Year's Eve and I've been looking through a few different ones on their websites to finally pick one that I'm going to.

I really can't believe some of the places that are charging a lot of money just to go there for New Year's because some of these places definitely aren't worth paying half that amount to get in. When I was looking up that stuff a few nights ago, I came across the website and I read through most of it. After that, I showed it to my roommate and we signed up for a service on there.

I think that I might just opt for the NYE party at my favorite club because I know that I'll have a good time there.

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