Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girls Dresses at Tea Collections

I am still shopping for more stuff in my balikbayan box. I have few nephews and nieces that requested me to buy imported clothes and other merchandise. It is easy to get mens stuff but a little complicated to get girls dresses but good thing I found tea collection store that provide a wide variety of different clothes. Their fashion is updated and and their designs are extra ordinary.

The store provides baby girls clothes, boy clothes, and even women clothes. Their fabrics are fabulous and they just so great to buy. The good thing of having this online store are very reliable and easy. We can have modern tees and other casual dresses for our girls.The good thing of shopping with them too is that we can help to share and support the global funds for children.

There's an interesting part of this shopping because when we connect to 5 of hour friends we can avail to get 20% on our entire purchase before and after January 27th 2011. They will also give me 10% off in my first order. Geese its a huge discount folks...

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