Sunday, January 9, 2011

Metoprolol For Your High Blood Pressure

My mother was been maintaining her medicine for a long time. She has heart problem and high blood pressure issues. Anything that is good for her is my goal. But recently my other older sister is suffering high blood pressure too and a little heart issues so I wonder if she could take the same medicine that my mom is taking. One of the medicine my mommy is taking is Metoprolol oral tablet that helps my mom's heart to function normal and to make the heart beat regularly.

 This oral medicine metoprolol was been proven and tested that it works especially to my own mother but we need to make sure that it will work to my sister too. As I learned that metoprolol is not advisable to some illness conditions such as liver disease, kidney problem, heart problem, when your pregnant, when your breast feeding and more. But as long as you follow and talk to your doctor about your condition, everything will be fine. Try metoprolol a beta-blocker that will your hear function good!

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