Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's Save Some Energy At Home

One great saving solution that me and hubby found is having a budget energy bill during winter. We only pay certain amount without any excess. We can always turn up the heater or air condition everyday if we want. But we don't do that and we always conserve the energy.

With all the mounting bills, we want to save some at least in our energy bill. One thing that I could recommend is set your bills with budget billing, am telling you its effective. Anyhow I have some tips here  on how to save energy around the house.

1. Set your energy bill to budget billing. Let say you want 90 to 100 dollars every month, you will pay more or less of that amount.

2. Turn Off lights when you are not using the room. Keeping the lights on even if your not using it  is a huge waste. Using lamp shade can help to minimize energy.

3. Unplug your electronics when you are not using it. Keeping your electronics on can still draw electricity little by little. This is what they called vampire power.

4. Lower your thermostat in a few degrees. If you go for vacation in winter never forget to turn down your heater too.

5. If your leaving in a residential area you can start planting a tree for passive solar. This will help your property to have some shading.

6. Most of the time I used to wash with hot water, but I learned that it consumes more energy. Wash your clothes with cold water, this will reduce the energy consumption.

I know there's a lot of ways to save up some energy, hope this will serves as a help to every one!

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