Friday, January 15, 2010

Ways to Bring your Love one to the United States

Are you a US citizen and want to marry a foreign national and will plan to bring your loved one to the United States? There are three options to bring your special someone here in the US. First--- is to marry them in their own country and apply K-3 or spouse visa. Second--is K1 of Fiance visa , and thirdly---B-2 or tourist visa with all the supporting docs. Choosing the right one is up to you. But don't focus too much to the immigration benefits but enjoy the relationship.

Getting to know each other must be a good chance to accept cultural and norm differences. Stronger effort to prove that the relationship is really legit and genuine takes time. The process for k1 and k3 only takes few months, as long as the papers are complete everything will be alright. The only difference between the two is k3 marriage occurs before she/he left the country.

The adjustment status of k3 applicant is automatic to 10 yr  resident unlike with the k1. K1 change of status is called conditional residence and after the 2 yr conditional they need to remove the condition. For more information visit and you will find more complete information.

Some one asked me what is the fastest way to bring their fiance over , my answer was either  of the 3 ways as long as the paper works are in order and it will be alright. Every state has its own rules and regulations too. The wisest thing is to read and be aware of the paper works and the system.

Using an atty. is just wasting your money. But if you have lot's of money then atty. is fine. B-2 is the hardest visa to get, It  takes fate and chances to get it. lol I mean again money talks right?  if you can provide all the requirements and you appeared convincing then you can get it.   Good Luck!

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