Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love Water...

I am glad that I strongly refused to drink soda today. Me and hubby get up early and ate at Ihop. We had a nice breakfast with their famous pancakes. Before I get here I concentrated myself to drink water and even If I overdo eating I did not gain weights. I had no excess fats in my body and I feel good. No pimples and I had a better skin texture. Lately I am not feeling very well maybe because I have been drinking a lot of soda than water. Water is a good source of hydrogen and oxygen that's why it is labeled as H20. Water is very essential to our body to keep us hydrated. It is our universal solvent to help our body function well. Our body is made up to 2 thirds of  our weight. There's a lot source of water, we can commonly found water from the food we eat such as fruits, and even to soda. But the safest fluid to drink is water because it has no calories or preservatives. Our brain is made up of 95% water and 82% in our blood and 90% high amount in our lungs. Imagine if we don't drink water? Our body can not work properly without water. It is a virtual source mechanics to keep our body moving. Water regulates our body temperature, eliminate waste and alleviate constipation. Let start drinking 8 glass of water everyday to prevent disease. Its never been late...lets start it now!


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