Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Writing Skills

Blogging is one of my hobby today. Believe me or not I can sit in my desk 24/7 a day. Of course with all the back ache but I love writing so much. Writing an article is not easy, you need to come up with a catching ideas that your reader would love to read. It takes great patience, hard work, and determination to write.

I could write anything while listening to a music or even talking to a friend. But it would be more effective if i will write without any disturbances. Well, maybe this is just the way am motivated with. I must admit I need to learn more strategies in writing an article and this is what I learned.

1. Correct Practice Makes Perfect! --- this is a legendary line that every one knows about. Writing is a skill and if you pursue writing, you will be develop. Accordingly do not worry about the topic you write or the quality of your ideas. Be willing to be criticize and get some corrections specially if they are right. Take it as a challenge and a motivation to improve your writing.

2.  Famous Articles From famous Writers. ---Learn from the expert writers. You need to read and observe how they write. You need to find out their strategies and styles on how they come up with quality articles. Professional writers start as an amateur. They don't become an expert right away but they learn from their mentor writer too.

3. Be communicative. ----As a writer you need to build up a form of conversation. In other words be conversational towards your readers. Get their sympathy and never alienate them.

Good luck to every one!

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