Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Importance of Address Plaques

Here in the states, most street are well structured with their proper addresses. I noticed plaques of address everywhere in the corner. The benefits of having this is to  site the neighborhood so easily.

Last November I went to Texas in my in laws place, and I noticed my mother in laws garden plaques saying " Andreas Garden" I was amazed this new stuff,  that means we can customize our own special plaque.

Out of my curiosity, I searched it this morning and found some variety of address plaques. From residential plaques, commercial, address numbers and even customize mail boxes. I just find it so virtual if our home or village will have this kind of address plague settle in our place.

One of my friend in California was little lost when she went walking with her dog, but since their street has specific address sign, she was able to locate her home right away. In my own views, address signs is very important specially if we live in a huge compound.

Address plagues or signs can be very helpful not only to our new neighbors, but also to our visitors who want to come for a visit. Sometimes, when its dark or when its snowing, locating an address of a friend is hard to find. But with this new solar powered address plaques, things will be very easy and exciting.

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