Saturday, May 14, 2011

School Lockers For Our School Employees

At the job that I work at, we don't have lockers. Every classroom has closet where we could put our purse and other stuff but It is very limited and unsafe. We always tried to close it but who knows we just hang the keys close to the door, we all know kids are sneaky. I told my boss that perhaps if she could have an employer lockers that would be better to all of us. She was considering it and she thought is as a good idea. Since her schedules are as stiff as ours. She asked me to search about it. If I could find a company for lockers. Oh yes! I know that's why I suggested it to her.

 I found it to locker xchange store online. They have the widest selection of residential and commercial lockers to the Internet. Yes Internet and this is very easy and quick to make an order. Next Monday I am going to tell my boss or directors about this lockers company. Finally we will have employee lockers or school lockers for us. I can bring different stuff without worrying about it. You can customize your own lockers if you want it. I guess their lockers are steel lockers, I am not sure but if your interested try to stumble on their website. They provide comprehensive details about the things you need.

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