Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Holiday

We had a great dinner at Texas road house tonight. We went to a family friend and twas fun. I would say I had a very relax week end. I tried to get enough sleep and set back. I am having a very stiff schedules lately. Am I liking it? Hmmm I must say yeah! I remember 2 years ago, I kept wishing to be busy and here I comes. I have no right to complain since I wish for it. Hubby and I have been trying to settle our finances and it is really working pretty good. We always see to it that all the bills are being paid and we are not behind. I guess it's about keeping your budget in a right track. I am very thrifty but if you ask me if I love shopping? yes I do too. I just know what I need and what I want. I always weight things out before spending. I wish I was able to take pictures but I enjoyed playing with my friends 11 months little girl. She's the cutest and adorable. Anyways happy memorial day to everyone...might go window shopping or even grab some clearance stuff. Other country do not celebrate memorial day. So to those who has no idea, memorial day is a commemoration or remembrance to those who have died in our nation service and I guess only here in the United States celebrate this one. I am glad because I have a holiday off for this celebration.

Happy memorial day!

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