Sunday, May 22, 2011

Webhosting Hub

I have been running my own website for almost 2 years now. I own two domains and I used it as my personal portal for my different thoughts and expressions. As far as webhosting is describe, I really don't have enough understanding on the difference  running a domain and host a website. A friend was been doing a webhosting business and I am trying to engage into it too. But I guess I need more research and comprehensions on how to own and have it.

I found webhosting fan and they provide a hundred of webhosting companies of webhosting. It includes the price, reliability, features and support of the webhosting company. I am in a process of learning the webhosting business strategies and I am about to get my own web hosting company too. Yes it's not a joke I will end up owning and running a host a webhosting business.

They have top rated webhosting companies today and one the top list is the webhosting hub. Yes and they are cheaper but in high standard quality when it comes to service and reliability. I am a computer geek my husband says...but he don't know that I am still learning a lot of stuff. I wish I am maybe when I know to do webhosting.

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