Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanks Secret Santa

I received two presents today. From my secret Santa and from another friend at the job. The gifts that they gave me are inexpensive and simple but I like it a lot because they gave it from the bottom of their heart.

They said they gave me gifts because I have been a gift for them. I feel very lucky to be considered as a gift from their lives. This Christmas I am wishing that everyone will find happiness in any special way. I was also impressed with a 15 year old boy who told her aunt that his aunt don't need to buy her stuff because all he wish this Christmas is to have a good health.

That simply shows that material stuff is not his thing but more on the most important values in life.

This Christmas hope everyone will see the true essence of the the birth of Jesus Christ. We all know that this is not the exact time of his birth but we are celebrating it to show our compassion and gratitude...

To my two co-worker I thank you from the bottom of my heart....Merry Christmas! 

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