Monday, December 27, 2010

Family Traditions During Winter's First Snow

                               Guest post from: Winston Stewart

My family and I are really excited for the first snow of the winter this year. We had a few snow flurries the other day, but nothing stuck to the ground or piled up at all. However, they're predicting that we should get a big storm system in early next week that will hopefully bring several inches of snow. I'm hoping that we'll get enough for the kids to get a snow day!

Once the first snow arrives, we'll go outside and play in it for a couple hours until everyone is too cold to stay out any longer. We'll build a snowman, have a snowball fight, and probably even make some snow angels. I love to take pictures of the kids playing outside to put in our family album -- we have an entire section of them playing in the snow at different ages.

After we finish playing outside, everyone will come in and change into warm, comfy clothes. Then, we'll make hot chocolate and bake our first batch of Christmas cookies. The kids love to be in charge of decorations and sprinkles, while I take care of the batter. After we're finished baking, we'll sit down to watch some of our favorite Christmas specials on Satalite TV while we enjoy our treats. There's nothing better than a cozy blanket and family Christmas traditions.

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