Friday, December 10, 2010

Faith-that matters

There are different church that claims they are the true religion and that they know everything based on the bible. But I realized lately that religion or the church that you go to every Sunday can not save your soul but your faith itself. It's the way you practice your faith, how you live righteously in the name of your Savior. Each church has their own beliefs, understanding and gospel.

Therefore they have their own covenant and rules. But again each church has no right to contradict each other and debate about the bible. I have high respect to all churches and their teachings are different in their special way.

When we teach Hanukkah as part of the theme in school I really came to a conclusion that people in every tribes, religion, cultures, race etc. has different ways of receiving their blessings. Hanukkah is the Jewish 8 days and night holiday celebration.

 From first day has certain special dedication. They have this menorah with 8 candles that is lit each night. Of all of this peoples celebration I realize that people are special. They have certain beliefs that others don't have.

Back home fiesta is very common in which they dedicate this feast to a certain patron. My family believe that we are blessed and that we always cook and share our blessings to others during fiesta. My family go to church, cook a lot of food, and invite anyone to eat. With all this different cultures, religions, beliefs and other traditional celebration, we people are definitely unique...

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