Monday, June 28, 2010


Today scammers are all over specially over the Internet. They are in different mode, gender and professions. Most of them are dam smart and pretty. This days is just too dangerous to trust anyone in the net. I learned that the most common tactics that the scammer does is to ask you some money to get your information or even send you some merchandise to completely win your trust. I'm not an expert to know about their qualities but if you ever met someone who ask some of this following then...that should be a big red flag.

  • Do they asked you to send some money because their having a hard time?
  • Do they asked you to give your information because they will send you some stuff?
  • Do they asked you about cashing out some money, money orders for any reasons?
  • Do they asked you to give your credit card information to some reasons?
Some are too genuine in the start and act like a friend. But how could we trust someone that we meet in social networking? NOOOOOOOOOOO am not dam to believe that...Nice try and you know who you are...Be grateful that I don't report you in your local police...Just stop it!!!!!!!!!

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