Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Randall's Cunningham's 2 Year old was found drown in the backyard hut tub

Randall Cunningham's two year old son was drown on their family hot tub. The un named woman discovered the two year old floating on the backyard hot tub pool and tried to applied CPR. Randal Cunningham is a former Philadelphia Eagles player. He was not home at the time when his two year old had the drowning accident. The police investigation report acclaimed that it was merely an accident and there's no fowl play. Randall Cunningham is an ordained minister and a pastorson their local church and her church family was so sad of the said incident. For them the baby is a church child's. Christian Cunningham "the two year old that was drown" is the youngest of the four children of the Cunningham's family. Its a sad news but my question is where's the mom? or even the nanny? How could they let him play outside knowing that there's a water in the backyard? Sigh its sad and I feel devastated to read about this news.

Courtesy of "Hunter Martin, Gretty" for this beautiful image........

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