Friday, June 11, 2010

Paul Kraus Mesothelioma Survivor

My elder sister's business is about painting cars, and auto car repairs. I don't know what exactly they are using but I hope asbestos is not one of them. Millions of people are not aware of the asbestos hazards. People whose working at the auto shops, electricians, plumbers and other hard working jobs are not aware that they are using a very deadly substance that can cause Mesothelioma. My family aren't aware about this and I need to tell them to be more cautious of using this substance. Cancer illness is like a life dead end...but some survive because of their astounding treatment resources. One of the famous Mesothelioma Cancer survivor is from Sydney Australia named Paul Kraus. He was diagnose of having this kind of cancer and given only certain time to live. But miraculously this man survive. Now he came up with this inspirational book that delivers tips on how to cope up and survive from this gruelling illness based on his experience. Let's start to share this wonderful message that cancer can be cured. Check it out, this book is not a cure but a huge help to any of us who is suffering from Mesothelioma.

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