Monday, June 21, 2010


I was familiar of the word biometrics when I processed my US visa. This is a process of identifying individuals identity through fingerprinting. I had two biometrics experienced and that was pretty amazing and advance. I have read about other kinds of biometrics that can be done through voice biometric. I thought that biometrics can only be accomplish through finger printing but there is another way and they called it as voice printing. This biometric authentication is so unique and intrinsic. This will ensure and protect any business or establishments safe and secured. The company called vecommerce is virtually design to provide great levels of security to any establishment that needs thorough security. Bank, school and other security agencies are opting their service as they provide genuine results. One of their specialties is what they called ivr speech recognition on which everything can be truly detected and analyse. Check this out's time to learn the new innovative way...

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