Monday, February 1, 2010

My Window Flowers

Most of us are fond of  plants and flowers in our home, most of the time its a mere attraction to everyone. Also, flowers freshen up our busy moods and upsurge our energy, specially when they are flourishing.

Me and my family adored to plants and flowers, we have variety of orchids and other flowers at home. We even have variety of fruits in our backyard. But how about if we have no enough space, for instance if we live in a condo or apartment?

Right now we live in a condo and of course there's no backyard nor enough space to plant my adorable flowers. Til I found window box planters that are the ultimate source of any kind of window box for our flowers. I told my husband about it and He told me to order some window boxes .

Eventually I can display my flowers in our window or in our patio conveniently. I love to collect different variety of flowers and create a little garden window boxes too. That would be more exciting to have. I just love flowers at home, for me it signifies peace, love and beauty.

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