Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tips On having a 1st B-day Party

First baby party is one of the most special event as a parent. I am so excited to have this kind of celebration in my own. Well i don't have a baby yet but I am trying to be prepared on what to do. The baby's 1st birth-day includes the following tips.

Number of guest should I envite...

  • Invite the most close relatives and friends and of course with some babies.

  • Never invite a lot of guest, keep in mind that it must be special and manageable and not crowded.

  • The main purpose is to celebrate the babies birth-day and not to entertain a lot of guest.
What kind of food should I prepare? 

  • It depends in your culture, Filipino culture served heavy meal. Lechon and birth-day cake is always in the main course.

  • Accordingly finger food are always easy and convenient to prepare specially for babies.

  • Have two different meal for babies and for parents. Babies must enjoy the food most.
When should we held the party?

  • Weekends is the perfect time to have the party.

  • Keep the party short, babies can not handle too much pressure.

  • Schedule it during wake times of your babies.
If you want more tips and ideas ask some friend and relatives to plan it out. Baby's invitation card must be send to the guest ahead of time so that they have enough preparation too. Make it simple and after the party is over spend time with the baby, both of you mom and dad.

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