Friday, February 26, 2010

Book Of Eli

When Book Of Eli was showed in the movie theater something deep inside dragged us to watch the movie. Indeed we watched it yesterday and surprisingly it was so amazing its not because I adored Denzel Washington but because of the thrilled story behind it. A man who walked by faith not by sight, a man who protect not himself but the future. I can't hardly believe that his blind of this movie. I was emphatically great story. How many of us overlooked the value of having a Bible anywhere in the house? I have noticed that most movie coming out is related to the events of apocalypse? Is this mean that the end of the world is near?

The apocalypse movie is very astounding, I like it so much and I will surely buy a dvd for this. Another movie that will englightened our beliefs and faith. I was moved to be spiritually inclined. My faith is strong but I need to be more stronger. He killed to protect the book from the wicked. For 30 years of keeping the book in a prestine condition, the book was taken and get to the wicked hands. But surprisingly, he restore it on his mind. Great Movie of the year I promise you!

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  1. I consider ‘pretty darn good’ for a movie like this, held out for release in January, a ringing endorsement vs. what I expected to read: “It’s more entertaining to shove a fork in your eyes rather than see this film.wouldn’t mind trying to catch it on a weeknight when it is only $5, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I didn’t get around to it until its DVD release.The Book of Eli Quotes