Saturday, February 6, 2010


When we say change we anticipate that its the only constant and ironic thing to think about. Nothing in this world is permanent and varying. It always go through certain changes it might be on shape or character. Nothing will last forever, they said its a foolish thing to ask about everlasting because nothing and no-one will last. 

Changes take a huge effect to a two different personalities. Change to the people who lived in fear is extremely annoying to them, they are afraid and feel uncomfortable to acquire change. Change to people who lived in hope is extremely challenging and encouraging to them. Hope is their vigor to take change and live life way better.

You see... change depends on how people take it. Some  people love some changes to grow and explore life but some aren't. They are afraid to do change because they are too comfortable with their fences. I just feel that everyday is a chance of change in our lives with a clear vision of choices. A choice to do change for the better or to the opposite side of direction.

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