Sunday, June 5, 2011

Music In Air

I was wondering where's Sheryl Cruz today. She was a sensational singer in the 80s. I love her songs and her movies with romnick sarmenta. As I browsed you tube I found some of her songs and I love  listening to it. I also found a new canadian singer Martha Joy whose rising in GMA as a new sensational singer too. I love Vina Morales, Tina Paner and most of our filipino singer. I love music but I don't have a good voice lol. Our filipino singer are just so talented. Not all them shine forever but their songs will immortalize them. It keep them alive and played in the air. I love music and my dream is for my child to love music too since my husband recorded his own hip hop music. That would be tight! filipino rapper/ballad. Can't imagine the outcome lol! Indeed music feeds my soul when it became weak. I just turn my radio while driving or get into utube when I am home.

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