Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

It's a happy father's day tomorrow. I am very excited to get something for hubby. I know that he is expecting for something and I can't afford to missed it. I have a very stiff schedules. Aside from working 40 hrs a week and do cleaning at night and over the week end, we are also renovating our new home that we just bought. We are packing up our stuff and start cleaning up too. There's no near to find time to go shopping in the mall.

As I always do my best last recourse is to shop online and again online store never failed me to provide the best and reliable store that I need for this fathers day special event. I found sees store that provides different gifts of candy that daddy around the world would love to have. They have some costume made accessories too that is amazingly made by them. One of them is lollipops candies and father's day mugs that I am considering to get for hubby. Me and my friend just called me and she want us to go to the mall. But I hesitate to go since I found the one that is perfect for hubby.

To all father's Happy fathers day to all you!

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