Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am Grateful

Thanks giving just passed by but have we really feel the essence of this special event in our life. I learned today in church that gratitude must be given some importance. Sometimes we forget to look back and learn that we are very blessed.

There was a story about a guy who traveled to see the grand canyon with his wife. They were so excited to see it because for them it is one of the 7 wonders of the earth. Along the way closer to the grand canyon they need to fill up some gas to their car and happen to talked to the store taker.

"Store Keeper" asked where are you heading to? "the going to see the grand canyon! Am so grateful to finally here and took pictures of the scenery. Oh I haven't been there the store keeper replied...what you haven't seen the grand canyon? The store keeper said NO not yet but I am dreaming to see the statue of liberty...The traveler said oh am from Manhattan and live there for 20 years but I haven't seen the statue of Liberty....Very ironic isn't it?

Sometimes in our life we overlooked to see our own blessings in our own backyard. We forget to look back or count it. There are a lot of blessings in our life each moment that we live....The fresh air that is free to breath, the clean water that we drink...and a lot more...

These are the things I am grateful for...

I am grateful for the life
I am grateful for my husband
I am to Jesus Christ our savior
I am grateful to my genuine friends
I am grateful for my job
I am grateful for my church
I am grateful for my Car
I am grateful for my Home
I am grateful for my sisters and brothers
I am grateful for my Mother
I am grateful for my niece and nephews
I am greatful for my inlaws
I am grateful for everything..........because If I will list it down this page would not be enough!

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