Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bobi Mailboxes

I have been thinking of what can i share or give to my friends this Christmas. There's a lot of stuff like clothing, shoes, decorations, painting or other stuff that I considered to give. But I thought about giving them some special mail boxes. When I was in Texas I noticed that my in laws mail box is kinda old. I might give them one and good thing I found this ultimate source that provide design mail boxes.

There are different kinds of mail boxes such as bobi mailboxes and contemporary mailboxes that has unique features. This innovative mail boxes are worth every penny. Why because they are sturdy and durable. This must be one of my unique gift that I could give this year. I will get my own bobi mailbox too of course.

This mail boxes was manufactured way back 1991 from Vaasa a small seaside town in Finland. There were two brothers who started the business and successfully run it for decades. It became a family business that grown because of this brilliant brothers idea. Check it out folks you might find it interesting too to give on Christmas.

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